Five Cute Kids

Five Cute Kids

Monday, February 24, 2014

Treasure Hunt

One Saturday in February, my brother Jon and his family, my sister Jayna and her family and our family all met in Salt Lake City for a grand adventure. Jon was put in charge of finding something fun for our families to do together and boy howdy, did he deliver!! We gathered together early in the day at the Pacific Union Station. Jon was holding a mysterious box and told us that he had gotten it at the Weber State library where he works. He told us that it contained information about a man named Solomon Moore. As we read the papers from inside the box, we realized that it looked like a treasure hunt and that we needed to find clues inside the station. Here is a picture of all of our clues.

 photo IMG_4785_zps11b285bf.jpg

Once we found some clues, we would be led to another location to find more clues. Our family had never been to the Pacific Union Station so just being there was fun. It has beautiful murals inside and it was fun to think about all of the people who had once sat in that building waiting for a train to depart or arrive.

 photo IMG_4792_zpse398f381.jpg

 photo IMG_4791_zpsfa378860.jpg

The clues suggested that we look for the next clue at The Brigham Young Monument. We hopped onto the Salt Lake City Trax and rode up to the monument.

 photo IMG_4610_zpsd43cdb03.jpg

 photo DSC_0747_zps53b77150.jpg

After finding the next clue that we needed we realized we also needed a bathroom break so we headed into the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.

 photo DSC_0758_zpsdf5ec0f4.jpg

 photo IMG_4790_zpsaecc8c68.jpg

The next clues sent us to The Lion House Pantry but before we went looking for the clues we went on a tour of The Beehive House.

 photo IMG_6868_zps960ba00c.jpg

We enjoyed a little refreshment at the Lion House Pantry.

 photo IMG_4789_zps9d054253.jpg

It was a little rainy but that just made our adventure even more memorial. We LOVED being with our fun cousins!!

 photo IMG_6874_zps61dff653.jpg

Little Will was such a trooper! Isn't he darling???!!!

 photo IMG_4787_zps1ff69f05.jpg

We went to The Social Hall Museum for our next clue. I guess because the museum was inside we didn't take any pictures. Bummer, because this was a very interesting place!

Our last stop was The Cathedral of the Madeleine and it was absolutely beautiful. We didn't get to spend a lot of time inside as there was a wedding going on while we were there.

 photo IMG_4788_zps8fa62011.jpg

 photo IMG_6879_zpsa4822bee.jpg

 photo DSC_0759_zps0edb78d3.jpg

 photo DSC_0764_zps74e17251.jpg

Here we are trying to solve the very last part of the treasure hunt.

 photo IMG_4608_zps9637de00.jpg

 photo IMG_4607_zps66d36f3a.jpg

Our "treasure" was GOLD! Real gold!! We had SO much fun exploring places in Salt Lake City that we've never explored before. Jon, you definitely out did yourself on planning our fun adventure! Thank you so much and thank you Nonnie for being our sponsor! Check out the Double Key Treasure Hunts near you!!

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