Five Cute Kids

Five Cute Kids

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Newport Beach

Before driving to Las Vegas for the night we drove to Newport Beach to put our feet in the water. We've only been to the Oregon Coast so it was a very fun experience to really be able to get in the water!

 photo DSC_0213_zpsc57c9517.jpg

 photo DSC_0230_zps7d435568.jpg

 photo DSC_0247_zpsa9130187.jpg

 photo DSC_0234_zps9474db4c.jpg

We loved being in the sun and feeling the warm ocean breeze on our faces.

 photo DSC_0240_zps0b174907.jpg

 photo DSC_0222_zps822254ba.jpg

I found a hermit crab.

 photo DSC_0273_zps15c460cc.jpg

We found TONS of shells!

 photo DSC_0229_zps350bed38.jpg

We wish we would have had more time at the beach! We loved it!

 photo DSC_0280_zps48c84fa8.jpg
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