Five Cute Kids

Five Cute Kids

Sunday, June 30, 2013


We spent the first week of June in Provo with Jayna and her family. Have I already mentioned on this blog how much we LOVE to visit this amazing family? We took all the kids to the Skating Rink and everyone had a great time! This was definitely an activity that appealed to all ages!

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We did a little shopping at The Shops at Riverwoods.
 photo IMG_3195_zps732911d2.jpg
 photo IMG_3208_zps63972fc5.jpg
We went to BYU and found our new favorite shirts and of course, went to The Creamery!
 photo IMG_3193_zps19a18b22.jpg
 photo IMG_0419_zpsd4861e73.png
Jayna, Ryan, Andrew and I went to a BYU men's soccer game.
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While we were in Utah, Nathan worked hard putting in new backsplash in our kitchen and had new countertops installed. Here are the before and after pictures. I LOVE how lighter and brighter it feels. We also got new flooring. We had our wood floors replaced with tile that looks like wood.
 photo IMG_3222_zpsd2b34600.png
 photo IMG_3221_zps1a046d2d.png

One weekend we went to the Smith Family Reunion in Wendell. This is always a wonderful time that we get to spend with family that we don't see very often. I love to catch up with Nathan's cousins, Aunts and Uncles and of course, Grandma Smith. I wish we had more pictures, but we had fun visiting, eating (we have the BEST cooks in our family) and playing a lot of kickball and baseball.
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Andrew worked a lot at Ball Manor doing yard work and Sarah babysat quite a bit. We went to the Library and played with friends. It was a fun month of great memories!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Our Busy Month of May

Just as years past, this May was SUPER busy! I was looking back on last May and decided that compared to last year, we were super busy, but it didn't feel as crazy! Thank heavens! So, here is a look at our BUSY month of May.

Sarah: final piano school recital and piano recital.
 photo DSC_0487_zpsa95f26ee.jpg
 photo IMG_3085_zpsbeedb2a7.jpg

Andrew: Field trip to the Capitol, Music program, piano recital (no he hasn't taken up the bagpipes), band concert and ran in the City Meet.
 photo IMG_5120_zps206a5e7d.jpg
 photo IMG_5117_zpsf82457b5.jpg
 photo IMG_5112_zpsb06dcbd9.jpg
 photo IMG_3116_zps3a985584.jpg
 photo IMG_3083_zps0b05953b.jpg
 photo IMG_3056_zps83e1c026.jpg
 photo IMG_3030_zps02410b47.jpg

Benjamin: Field trip to the Whiting's Farm, End of soccer party, Kindergarten Graduation and Kindergarten Graduation Party.

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 photo DSC_0473_zps823db825.jpg
 photo DSC_0472_zps58bd57c0.jpg
 photo IMG_3150_zps0a421ce0.jpg

Was able to be a pirate at Music Makers.
 photo IMG_2997_zps67aeb993.jpg

Everyone: School carnival, we went to the Aquarium with Nonnie and enjoyed the week she was here, Ice Cream End of School party at the Ball's and had frozen yogurt at Aspen Leaf to celebrate the beginning of Summer.
 photo IMG_5218_zpsb1b073c2.jpg
 photo IMG_3141_zps3bbd8023.jpg
 photo IMG_3151_zps8b0d01bf.jpg
 photo IMG_3154_zps38b50c30.jpg
 photo IMG_3160_zpsc5fce516.jpg
 photo IMG_3161_zps65c446bd.jpg

Let our summer fun begin!!
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