Five Cute Kids

Five Cute Kids

Friday, September 4, 2015


We went to Goody's on our summer quest for great ice cream. We love Goody's!!

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Our cousins came to visit for a week. It was absolutely wonderful to have Jayna, her cute kiddos, my mom and Sophie here! We swam A LOT as it was super hot the whole time they were here.

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Sarah and Sophie enjoyed a hot afternoon of playing with the goats and taking them for a walk.

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 photo IMG_7613_zps1rrtwavv.jpg

They also hiked to Table Rock one night.

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After our cousins left to continue on their adventure to Utah (They began their adventures by flying into Portland and driving with my mom to Bend. They spent almost a week with my mom before driving to our house and spending almost a week with us. They spent a little over a week with Ryan's family. They were gone for a total of nearly three weeks.)and Nathan and Spencer took off to Portland, the rest of us went to the Discovery Center and then rode the paddleboats at Julia Davis park.

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We bought a cake decorating class for the boys at our ward's YW/YM fundraiser in the Spring. Tatym came over one afternoon and did a super good job of teaching the boys.

 photo IMG_7526_zpsw8zvrpxf.jpg

Our neighborhood had a "Chalk the Neighborhood" night so we headed down near the Merc and did a little bit of chalking.

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Andrew sprained his ankle at a gym with his friends. It turned all sorts of colors before it healed. Luckily, he was better by the time lacrosse season began.

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Our friends the Hamm's came (our number of children is dwindling) for our annual swimming and shave ice. The mom's love it the best as this is our once-a-year to catch up on EVERYTHING! I love that we still do this tradition after leaving our old neighborhood almost 10 years ago.

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Our neighborhood hosted a Car Show which was pretty cool having all these amazing cars for our kids to look at up close.

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 photo IMG_3905_zpsn5nlhnpn.jpg

We enjoyed one last "summer of the ice cream" treat at Delsa's.

 photo IMG_3906_zpswxzo30wo.jpg

I finished the quilt I was working on. I loved the whole process and can't wait to begin another one.

 photo IMG_3884_zpser4azchi.jpg

We went to "Meet the Teacher" the day before school started so Levi could meet his teacher (the other boys already knew their teachers because their older siblings both had them) and see what his classroom looked like. He was SO excited!

 photo IMG_7598_zpsz4t5hepz.jpg

We enjoyed our back-to-school dinner the day before school began. We chose the theme "Stay by the Tree" from Elder Kevin W. Pearson's talk from General Conference in April. I loved this message and feel we all need to stay true to what we know is true and right.

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All of our cute kids started school this year. I can't believe how grown up they're all getting.

 photo IMG_3927_zpsayumahcy.jpg

Sarah walking to her friends house for a ride to High School.

 photo IMG_3930_zpsufsz3to4.jpg

Andrew not being very cooperative for a drop-off-at-school photo.

 photo IMG_3932_zpsi4knoq1t.jpg

Such handsome, happy boys! Ready for another great school year!

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 photo IMG_7604_zpswe65v3gu.jpg

 photo IMG_3942_zpsp7eyphhk.jpg

Well, August, you were definitely HOT and we did a lot of fun things but I'm not sad that you've come to an end. I'm ready for some cooler weather!!
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