Five Cute Kids

Five Cute Kids

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Sarah turned 14 this year...she celebrated by eating a breakfast of her choosing - waffles, whip cream and eggs and opening presents with her family. She got a super-duper fancy (and expensive) hair straightener, iTunes gift card, Red perfume, clothes and a gift card to Mac (makeup at Macy's).

 photo IMG_5310_zps664bedc3.jpg

 photo IMG_8103_zpsa4553d84.jpg

Here is Sarah after her makeover at Mac. She wanted to get some really good makeup and learn how to apply it so I had made an appointment to have it done at Mac. I loved how they brought out her natural beauty!

 photo IMG_5312_zps83a58518.jpg

After picking up the boys from BYU Lacrosse camp, we went to the new Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum at BYU. It's so much bigger and it was really fun to see all of the big animals.

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 photo IMG_8132_zps99ea97a4.jpg

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After looking at animals we headed over to the BYU bookstore and found our game shirts and of course had to have some Creamery ice cream.

 photo IMG_5328_zpsee02ab59.jpg

Sarah wanted Chicken Alfredo and Caesar salad for dinner and of course, PINK confetti cake for dessert.

 photo IMG_8138_zpsea0c6367.jpg

Later that night, Sarah and Nathan went to see the movie, Divergent and the boys and I watched Rio 2. What a fun, filled day!

14 things about Sarah.

She is extremely tidy and organized.

She loves to listen to music. She is like her dad in that they always have a song in their head.

She works hard to get good grades. It's important to her to do well at school.

She enjoys playing the piano.

When she tells a story or tells us about a book she's reading, she is VERY detailed in her description and often takes a LONG time to describe it.

She's a great swimmer and loves to be in the water!

She is a Netflix junkie when her mom lets her.

She has really creative handwriting.

She earned her Young Women medallion BEFORE she turned 14.

She loves to go to plays and musicals.

She loves a clean room and closet. She will even help her brothers clean and organize their rooms.

Pink is still her favorite color.

She is a voracious reader and dystopia is her favorite genre.

She is OFTEN on Pinterest.

We love you so much Sarah!! Happy, Happy Birthday to a beautiful girl!!

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