Five Cute Kids

Five Cute Kids

Sunday, July 2, 2017


We began our summer with taking a trip to Bend to see Sophie graduate. We love that she's coming to Idaho to play basketball and thought it would be fun to add an "Idaho" theme to her graduation party. Sarah made a fun video of celebrating Sophie!!

sophie's graduation from sarah smith on Vimeo.

We attended a fun Smith family reunion.  This year Aunt Debbie and Uncle Laurence were in charge and they chose to have it at Ball Manor.  We were happy to be able to sleep in our own beds and enjoy all the activities that had been planned.  We ate lots of yummy food, visited with lots of family and loved all the fun games!

Benjamin made a pretty cool creation at the Eagle library!  He loves to create!

Sarah and Andrew were invited to go boating with the Woodard's.  They always have so much fun!

Nathan and I celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary with going out to dinner at Ruth Chris' Steak House.  Everything was delicious and had beautiful presentations.  I feel pretty lucky to be married to Nathan! 

We met Jayna and her family at a Hawk's baseball game.  It was a fun evening with cousins and sometimes watching the game.

Levi and his friend Conner got to go to Kid Planet one morning.  So much fun!!

Nathan took the three oldest kids on a long weekend trip to Banff, Canada.  They all absolutely loved the beautiful scenery, enjoyed many hikes and adventures in canoeing and maybe did a little shopping in town.

Benjamin and I went to Webelos camp and had a really great time!  We did BB shooting, archery, crafting, learning about rockets and loved every minute!

Benjamin got to meet a rubix cube champ.  He's from the Ukraine and was in town visiting some friends.  He gave Benjamin some good advice and showed us his impressive skills.

So, so grateful for long summer days, no schedules and making fun memories with family and friends!

Thursday, June 1, 2017

April and May

The month of April began with the Jackson's coming to Boise.  They came so Sophie could sign her letter of content to play basketball for the College of Idaho in Caldwell.  Some of us drove out to see her sign the letter.  Pretty exciting for Sophie and we are excited to have her so close to us!

The very next day, was Eliza's baptism.  It's been so fun having our cousins living in the same town and we loved celebrating Eliza on her big day! So proud of you, Eliza!!

Nathan was again asked to organize and put on an Easter Display at our community barn. He gathered art that depicted the life of Jesus Christ and he did a fabulous job!

They had an area where children could create art and Levi was thrilled that his art was also on display.

The Easter bunny came to our house and let lots of eggs full of treats!  We love the Easter season!

Our neighborhood had their annual Easter egg hunt and we loved that our cousins were able to come.

We spent many Friday evenings watching Benjamin and Levi play flag football.  This was Levi's first season and he did great!  Benjamin remembers every play and is a great player as well!

Sarah made a video and submitted it to local contest.  She made it into the top 10 and it was shown at the Overland Movie Theater.  It was a pretty big deal and we were super excited for her!  The really fun part of it, is that Levi was the only person in the video and so he got to see himself on the big screen.  Way to go, Sarah and Levi!!!  

Nathan and I went on a dreamy vacation to France.  He had served his mission there 27 years ago and hadn't been back.  We were able to see the new Paris France temple and so many other amazing sites.  A big blog post coming soon about our adventures in France!

I was able to go with Levi and his classmates to the Zoo.  Fun was had by all!

We got a call one Friday evening from Sarah that she had been in a car accident.  She had "hit" the sister missionaries as she accidentally drove through a stop sign.  Nathan went and got them all as their cars had to be towed.  Unfortunately, Sarah's car had to be totaled and Sister Rees got a concussion but overall, everything worked out fine.

Nathan with the help of the boys, did some yard work, including taking out this big bush and moving it to the side of the house.  There is always plenty of yard work to do in the Spring!

We went to several graduation parties...this was our only picture, but I think it's pretty cute!!

For Mother's day, we bought some chairs, a picnic table and a beautiful rug from Costco to put on our front porch.  We've been spending A LOT of time on our front porch and I'm loving it!!
Benjamin has practiced his recorder so much that he's the only one in all the school that passed off all of the songs.  His music teacher is super proud of him!!

Monday, April 3, 2017


We were all happy to see the month of March and warmer weather.  Our month was full of lots of different activities.

Benjamin did a president's report on Andrew Jackson.  Mom and dad got to go and we think he did really great!

Spencer stayed very busy with basketball.  He had two or three games a week and practices the other days.  He really improved this season and enjoyed his team.

Benjamin used his hard earned money from last summer and bought himself a pretty styling scooter.

One evening, it was just Levi and mom at home, so we decided to go to the Merc for ice cream.  Fun times!

Andrew did a lot of driving in this car to get his hours in for driver's training.

This was his final for driver's training....

...and he passed!  He's very excited to have his permit!!!

We had a fun surprise one afternoon.  One of our favorite sisters, Sister Starkey came to visit.  She was on exchanges with one of our sisters, so it was all okay!

Our ward had our annual YW/YM Auction where we give services that are auctioned off to raise money for the year.  It's always a fun evening to get together with our fun ward members and try to get the very best services.  Spencer made this colorful and delicious Rice Krispie cake to be sold and it went for a very high price.  Nice job, Spencer!

Levi created signs and set up a shop in our family room.  He wanted to make some money so he decided to sell some of his awesome things to his family members.  Levi is quite clever and never ceases to amaze us with his ideas.  

Levi was bound and determined to catch a leprechaun this year.  He did a lot of research on the computer and found the perfect trap to make.

He and dad set up the trap after he finished making it and was convinced he would catch a leprechaun so he'd have to give Levi all his gold.

That darn leprechaun was too tricky and he wasn't caught but he sure did make a big mess in our house, he made our milk green and left chocolate gold coins everywhere.  Silly leprechaun...we'll be sure to get you next year!!

Nathan drove this bunch of cute kids to Sun Valley so Sarah could make a travel video.  They had a great it here.

We had a fabulous Spring Break in San Francisco.  You can read all about it here.

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