Five Cute Kids

Five Cute Kids

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

On Christmas Eve we spent some time wrapping gifts and then we went out to The Village to see Santa and meet up with Grandma and Grandpa to watch a movie and have dinner.  The line was pretty long and we had tickets to see Sing, so we decided that we would see him after the movie. When we got out, Santa had already left but we did run into The Grinch which to our kids is almost as good as Santa.  We then went to dinner at the Twig. We wanted to do a Random Act of Kindness like someone did to us last year on Christmas Eve so we checked out tables around us and asked our waitress to help us.  It was so fun!  After dinner, we went to visit  Sarah's refugee family and brought them some gifts.  We came home and the kids opened their traditional Christmas Eve present of pajamas, read the story of Christ's birth and put cookies out for Santa.

Nonnie gave the kids a pizza box with "dough" inside. They all loved thinking of about 50 ways to spend their "dough"!!
Aunt Katie and Uncle Rob gave all of the kids Colorado hats and so we sent them a "Thank you" picture!

Nathan got new Hunter rain boots for Christmas and this is Sarah and Andrew trying to help him take them off.  

Our fabulous sister missionaries came over for lunch and to be able to call their families.  We played a few games with them and loved having them.

We had a very memorable Christmas!!

Thursday, December 1, 2016


At the beginning of November we had our family pictures taken for our Christmas card. Sarah's friend Brooklyn took our pictures and I was pretty happy with how they turned out. We took them in a field on Pierce Park road near our home. It always feels good to have the Christmas card photo done before the busyness of the season!!

We decided we needed a change in our home, so we put in a couple of windows, put up a brick wall and added some shiplap to our family room and entry. Everyone helped with cutting the hundreds of bricks, gluing them to the wall, getting the shiplap sanded and prepped to paint, painting shiplap and moving everything so we could get new carpet. It was a lot of work but we love the finished look!!

One evening Levi and mom went to a Harry Potter party at the library. Levi loved being able to wear his robe, cast spells and hang out with other wizards.

We went to Bend for Thanksgiving. We went on a hike along the Deschutes river, shopped Black Friday sales and hung out with family. It was a wonderful week of fun, relaxation and yummy food!

We went out to pizza one night. This is a picture I took from our car following Sophie driving hers with our boys in the backseat. So silly!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Benjamin hit the double digits this year as he turned 10! He got an iPod Nano, Splatoon Wii game, a ton of Infinity guys and money from grandparents, Nonnie and cousins. He asked for pancakes with buttermilk syrup and sausage for breakfast. Since his birthday was on a Sunday, it was a pretty relaxed and quiet day. He asked for soup for dinner and we were lucky enough to have the sister missionaries over. Benjamin requested a donut cake with cookie dough ice cream for dessert.

 photo IMG_9924_zpsopqj3ehr.jpg

 photo IMG_9926_zpsdxtnc0ht.jpg

 photo IMG_9929_zps7aspcvyv.jpg

 photo IMG_9931_zpspbzn7xnw.jpg

Ten terrific things about Benjamin...

...he loves electronics!!

...he has a kind soul!

...he talks all the time but we found out that he doesn't at school, so that's good!

...he loves listening to music!

...he is a hard worker! He always gets his Saturday chores done first.

...he LOVES any type of soup!

...he is a talented piano player!

...he is a great basketball and flag football player!

...he is SUPER tall!!

...he is ALWAYS happy!!!

Happy, Happy Birthday, Benjamin! We're so grateful you're a part of our family!

Wednesday, November 2, 2016


The first of October had our family in Utah attending General Conference. We were fortunate enough to get tickets for Saturday morning for Nathan, Sarah, Benjamin (his first time) and me. Nathan, Andrew and Spencer were able to go to the Priesthood session.

 photo IMG_7685_zpsazdw5ozk.jpg

 photo IMG_9650_zps3ib8fvfs.jpg

 photo IMG_9971_zpsg1qpywkt.jpg

We stayed with our fabulous friends, the Burkets. We loved spending the day catching up and playing with their children!!

 photo IMG_9963_zpscqakcpza.jpg

 photo IMG_9671_zpsviaogwpk.jpg

Sarah was DYING to go the grand opening of one of her favorite online stores, Piper and Scoot. It was especially exciting since they had the Waffle Truck right outside and she's always wanted to try one!

 photo IMG_9666_zpsgbhwmljl.jpg

 photo IMG_9667_zpscqd5dqwj.jpg

 photo IMG_9668_zpsxvcor8ds.jpg

We went to Disneyland and had a MAGICAL time!

 photo IMG_9782_zpszgpdn4yq.jpg

 photo IMG_7939_zps7yebadib.jpg

We also went to Universal Studios to see the new Harry Potter world! It was equally as MAGICAL!!!

 photo IMG_7861_zpsiw540gix.jpg

 photo IMG_9786_zpsnk0jazgl.jpg

Nathan let the two youngest boys cut his hair.

 photo IMG_8047_zpsarp403al.jpg

 photo IMG_8054_zpse87ms8gk.jpg

Our Halloween decorations went up so we could feel the spookiness of the holiday.

 photo IMG_8076_zpsctuph0wq.jpg

 photo IMG_8077_zpsmuqgtnwe.jpg

 photo IMG_8089_zpszrqtpkpj.jpg

Spencer finished up his Tennis season. He learned so much and really improved! Next year, he plans on playing singles as he learned that not all double partners are as serious about the game as he is. So proud of him for trying something new!!

 photo IMG_8174_zpspxlmjdxl.jpg

 photo IMG_9832_zps0yeezsqw.jpg

Benjamin finished up his flag football season. Benjamin pulled many flags, caught an interception and made a touchdown!!

 photo IMG_8252_zpsyvly0zhs.jpg

 photo IMG_8254_zpskkdcwh9i.jpg

We went to our neighborhood Halloween party. It was super fun as always!

 photo IMG_8208_zpsciq7p5ye.jpg

 photo IMG_8210_zpstfb1no6n.jpg

The two younger kids didn't have school one Friday, so I took them and some friends to Planet Kid.

 photo IMG_9857_zpsty1qb286.jpg

We ate yummy soup in pumpkin bread bowls, carved pumpkins, went in the hot tub and frosted sugar cookies at the Ramey's house this year. It's always so fun to get together with the Ramey's for this yearly tradition!

 photo IMG_8264_zpsyckuvq2w.jpg

 photo IMG_8267_zpsghzjwec0.jpg

We enjoyed walking down Harrison Blvd. the day before Halloween to see all the fun decorations. Can you believe this house???

 photo IMG_8275_zpss0c3ym36.jpg

Levi and Benjamin had fun school Halloween parties.

 photo IMG_9866_zpscm0a7npz.jpg

 photo IMG_9867_zpsukgyohkh.jpg

It was a beautiful Halloween evening in our neighborhood! Spencer and Benjamin were wizards and Levi was a scary morph suit. The kids loved knocking on neighbors doors, saying three words - Trick or Treat, and then being given candy. Truly a kids dream!

 photo IMG_9869_zpsieynstqg.jpg

 photo IMG_9879_zps46iliepz.jpg

 photo IMG_9881_zpsjoh6p3hu.jpg

 photo IMG_9882_zpsvzcvzrfr.jpg

Benjamin went back out again and was very pleased with his big pile!

 photo IMG_9888_zpsaofyoasq.jpg

Sarah, Andrew and their friend, Olivia went to a party dressed as characters from the movie What About Bob. Andrew is Bob, Sarah is Bob's doctor and Olivia is Bob's goldfish.

 photo IMG_9875_zpsats9wkky.jpg

 photo IMG_9876_zpsj3gvymou.jpg

October, you really were amazing this year! I think this was my favorite Fall in Boise, EVER!!!

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