Five Cute Kids

Five Cute Kids

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Capturing how cute levi is in a picture has proven difficult for me. I think I should have gotten a job at Kiddie Kandids before we had kids.

I had to get a picture of Levi in his monkey outfit before he grows out of it.

I'm not sure he likes the hat.

What's really cute is hearing Spencer tell him all day long, "You're so cute, I could just eat you up!" Andrew says ,"Oh, you're okay!" (very sweetly) every time Levi is sad. Sarah takes his sock off anytime she holds him to check out his "toe jam". (She's done that for ALL her brothers.) And they still all "fight" over Levi. Who gets to hold him next, who gets to feed him, who's held him the most...but, only Sarah "fights" me over changing his diaper. I LOVE how much they LOVE their brother and that they LOVE taking care of him. He is a much LOVED little boy!!

valentine's day

For Valentine's day, we like to do something as a family. This year, we decided to go to Rafiki which is an indoor play place. When we walked into Rafiki, it wasn't just a little busy, not even super busy, it was CRAZY busy. None of our kids wanted to stay as it was just too CRAZY!! We tried another play place on the other side of town, but it wasn't open. Then, because we were close, Nathan talked the kids into going into Cabella's with him for some free fudge and to see the cool animals. After that, Sarah wanted to see if RC Willey was giving away free hotdogs, so we went there next. They had just closed down their hotdog stand so we walked around looking at new TVs. You see, we'd like to get one with our tax return. Of course, the one we really wanted was on a SUPER sale and they only had 2 left (they started the day with 11). So, we bought it and got take out from Panda Express and went home to watch the Olympics on our new TV. Our kids didn't even complain that they didn't get to do anything fun. I was so pleased that they were flexible!

On Sunday, we celebrated Valentine's day with a delicious breakfast of heart waffles with whip cream, eggs and hot cocoa with heart marshmellows.

Monday was President's day, so the kids had the day off from school. We decided to go to Rafiki. It was busy, but not crazy busy. Look at all the fun we had!
Sarah and Spencer played house.

Can you guess who is being a "mean dude"?

Andrew loved playing basketball.

There was tons of "dress up" to be tried on.

silly face!!


rock climbing!!

a fun slide!

Thank you Nonnie and Grandpa for the money to go to Rafiki and Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for the fun water bottles!!! We LOVE you!!!!


Way back on February 11, Sarah and Andrew had a piano recital. It was Andrew's first recital and he was amazing!! He didn't even act nervous. He played "Indian Dance". Sarah is an old pro at recitals and did fabulous on her piece, "Tomorrow" from the movie Annie. I'm always SO proud of my cute kids when they get up in front of others and perform!

Thursday, February 4, 2010


I've been keeping my eye on Levi so I would know when he "lost" the newborn look. Yesterday as I sat on the couch (I'm doing that a lot these days) and looked at him for the hundredth time that day, I realized he didn't look like a newborn to me any more and it made me so sad. I didn't think it would be so soon. When I said this to a friend, Sarah asked if we would stop getting dinners and presents now that he doesn't look like a newborn any more. (I have to make a side note now and say that we have been SO spoiled by SO many friends. Thank you to everyone who has taken care of our older kids, brought us dinners and gifts for our Levi!! We have amazing friends!!!) Good bye newborn Levi. Onto BIGGER and better things...but, I'm still sad that it's going by so fast!

This picture is for Nonnie. You asked if Levi has cried big yet. He has a few times. (Sorry, I can't figure out how to turn this picture?!)

Awhile ago, the kids found all their Webkinz (all 70+) so they could play with them. We soon found this taped to the wall.

(Translation: My Panda Bear LOST Answers to the name: Kung Fu Give to Spencer when found.)

That same night the kids decided to have a sleepover in the boys room. They climbed into their sleeping bags (haven't used them since Christmas Break) and what do you think Spencer found at the bottom of his??? KUNG FU!!! His Panda bear is no longer LOST!! Yeah!! That sign really did work!!
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