Five Cute Kids

Five Cute Kids

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Capturing how cute levi is in a picture has proven difficult for me. I think I should have gotten a job at Kiddie Kandids before we had kids.

I had to get a picture of Levi in his monkey outfit before he grows out of it.

I'm not sure he likes the hat.

What's really cute is hearing Spencer tell him all day long, "You're so cute, I could just eat you up!" Andrew says ,"Oh, you're okay!" (very sweetly) every time Levi is sad. Sarah takes his sock off anytime she holds him to check out his "toe jam". (She's done that for ALL her brothers.) And they still all "fight" over Levi. Who gets to hold him next, who gets to feed him, who's held him the most...but, only Sarah "fights" me over changing his diaper. I LOVE how much they LOVE their brother and that they LOVE taking care of him. He is a much LOVED little boy!!


Heidi Michele said...

Ahhh.... I can't wait to see the little guy. What a doll :)

Love and miss all of you,

The Woods in Idaho said...

Isn't it so frustrating trying to capture on film how precious a newborn is! I think you did a wonderful job, he is beautiful.

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