Five Cute Kids

Five Cute Kids

Monday, May 30, 2011


These survival bracelets are the BIGGEST most POPULAR trend at our kids school right now. So, what do we do when something is BIG...we join in with the trend and go crazy!! No, not really, but we have made quite a few and don't see an end of the possibilities!


What do you do with a survival bracelet? First, it just looks cool and that is very important! Second, if you are out in the wild and need to will!!! (I copied this next paragraph from a website that sells the survival bracelets.)

So what are the many uses of paracord? The answer is pretty much anything and everything mainly limited by a persons imagination to use the product. Broken shoe laces up a mountain? The outer sheath makes excellent boot laces and will most likely outlast the originals that came with the boots. Need some quick thread? The inner cores are great for impromptu fishing line or first aid. Need some lashing for a tarp shelter? Again take out the the inner strands and you have all the cord that you need! Need to fix the Space Shuttle on it's second mission (No not a joke, paracord was actually used to repair the Space Shuttle in 1997). It sounds a bit ridiculous but paracord is so useful for replacing everything that it is even now used in space. Back on earth a broken gear strap on your kayak, making a field repair to your backpack or making an impromptu rope for a bear bag... the list goes on.

So, now you can see why these bracelets are SO SUPER popular right now. I actually hope we never have to use one of them, but we do have an Eagle Scout and a Bear in our home and as their motto is BE PREPARED, I guess we always will be if we wear our survival bracelets!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

We Have Us A Winner

Last Saturday, at our neighborhood Lady Bug Festival Andrew decided to enter the pie eating contest. He was told that he didn't have to eat the crust, just the chocolate filling and whip cream. There were about 20 other kids who also entered the contest.

Check out the video of Andrew!


He won $20 and he was SUPER excited about it for days!!!!!
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