Five Cute Kids

Five Cute Kids

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Disneyland and Universal Studios

Disneyland is one of my very favorite places on earth! We've been five times before but never during the Halloween season so when we were discussing possible trips early in the Summer, we all agreed we should go to Disneyland in October!

The kids were excited to do pin trading again. This was in our hotel the night we got to Disneyland.

 photo IMG_9691_zpsmef1kskb.jpg

I loved everything about our Halloween Disneyland experience!!

 photo IMG_9683_zps5hqjh6lx.jpg

 photo IMG_9782_zpszgpdn4yq.jpg

 photo IMG_9694_zpsir3rfgj7.jpg

 photo IMG_9777_zps5nsg6mjl.jpg

 photo IVGB1662_zpsb1liirtm.jpg

 photo IMG_9702_zpslqqgb5fz.jpg

We watched the new Frozen production and was super impressed! We loved it so much we went again another day.

 photo IMG_9709_zpsod0cizzz.jpg

Sarah was making a Disney food video so we all ate a lot of different things we hadn't eaten before.

Watch her video here.

 photo IMG_9718_zps9lshkxd6.jpg

 photo IMG_9724_zpsg2s9h9a9.jpg

 photo IMG_7836_zpsbrwz5obs.jpg

 photo IMG_7987_zpswrub2lhs.jpg

 photo IMG_9993_zpsm9aae5wn.jpg

 photo IMG_9723_zpsy1zgjrb2.jpg

 photo IMG_9996_zpsyq6fof4x.jpg

I think most of the boys got lightsabers.

 photo IMG_7794_zps1yk6upla.jpg

 photo IMG_7827_zps78gjipph.jpg

Our big teenagers wore out a lot sooner than our little kids!! Pretty funny!! We told them to meet us here and this is what we found.

 photo IMG_7833_zpszk7dus28.jpg

Levi got to be a part of the Mad Hatter and Alice's musical chairs. He loved it and we ate our ice cream.

 photo IMG_7838_zpsfchu4pb9.jpg

 photo IMG_9995_zps0o7xpcyr.jpg

 photo IMG_7848_zps5e8gwgcw.jpg

 photo IMG_9726_zpslangjmum.jpg

 photo IMG_9792_zpsdtnrphf4.jpg

 photo IMG_9962_zps0oehsx4t.jpg

 photo IMG_7939_zps7yebadib.jpg

 photo IMG_7945_zps9hb1ds0u.jpg

 photo IMG_9790_zpsutlk2h2o.jpg

 photo IMG_9791_zpsjgxi19gz.jpg

 photo IMG_7965_zpsnjqiyi4o.jpg

 photo IMG_7969_zpss1bpztwv.jpg

 photo IMG_7982_zpsrl9cxc6q.jpg

 photo IMG_9802_zpslpe4qz8j.jpg

 photo IMG_7999_zpsa9ftiviw.jpg

 photo IMG_8007_zps1wq32k9z.jpg

On our last night, Nathan had got us tickets online to the Halloween party. It was so much fun to walk around and trick-or-treat. The kids got lots of candy and it was fun to see so many people dressed up! We watched the Halloween parade and the amazing fireworks.

 photo IMG_8024_zpsqfcd1apb.jpg

 photo IMG_8025_zpsjprdj6op.jpg

 photo IMG_8029_zpsh14idefe.jpg

Levi was chosen to be a part of the Jedi training. He LOVED that he got to battle with the Seven Sister and DARTH VADER!!!

 photo IMG_9998_zpsd40fw86u.jpg

 photo IMG_9992_zpskj4dpqml.jpg

We had never taken the kids to Universal Studios Hollywood before. When we heard that they added The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, we knew that we needed to go! On our drive there, Levi got carsick and Benjamin was just sick so we had two kids throwing up in the car. It's weird, but every time we go to Disneyland, at least one of our kids throws up. I had actually started to think we might avoid the throw ups but, nope. Levi recovered quickly but Benjamin didn't feel well until late afternoon. He mostly just sat leaning against a wall. Poor boy!!! However, we all LOVED our day at Universal Studios!!!!!

 photo IMG_9968_zpsuhramanh.jpg

As we were walking toward Harry Potter world, we happened to see Scooby Doo. We HAD to have a picture with Levi's favorite character ever!! I love that smile! He was pretty happy about seeing Scooby Doo! Since we had a later start than we had planned (throwing up kids), Nathan splurged and got us all Front of the Line passes. This meant that on every ride we could go once to the front of the line. We all LOVED this and used it on every ride we went on.

 photo IMG_9781_zpsazou2bgz.jpg

 photo IMG_7861_zpsiw540gix.jpg

Since Benjamin still wasn't feeling well, Nathan took the older kids on the Flight of the Hippogriff.

 photo IMG_7864_zpsvupk3hzh.jpg

 photo IMG_7866_zpshanbrnlf.jpg

All of the kids chose an interactive wand. These are super cool because there are 11 different windows where you can cast spells.

 photo IMG_7870_zps2vkb2dze.jpg

 photo IMG_7874_zps7d05oehg.jpg

 photo IMG_7877_zps0yjgeguv.jpg

 photo IMG_9763_zps78ighpxs.jpg

 photo IMG_9765_zpsdzewmrk6.jpg

When Benjamin was feeling a little better we all went on the Hogwart's Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey ride and LOVED it!!!

 photo IMG_7883_zpsiib6mzki.jpg

We had lunch in the Three Broomsticks restaurant and definitely it was one of my favorite places to eat of the week! I loved the ambience and the food! It truly felt like we were in Hogsmeade.

 photo IMG_7884_zpsacp160ht.jpg

 photo IMG_9735_zps1hs8vs2r.jpg

 photo IMG_7894_zpsub8drolq.jpg

We decided to venture out into more of the park. We went on the Studio Tours ride and really enjoyed that! The bigger kids went on the scarier rides and Nathan and I took Benjamin and Levi to Minions and Shrek to do those rides. They were both really fun!

 photo IMG_1082_zpsqnziwxzj.jpg

 photo IMG_9742_zpsmvydeews.jpg

 photo IMG_9747_zpsgwzr6rnd.jpg

 photo IMG_9752_zpsfulhncfe.jpg

We enjoyed the other areas of the park but we truly LOVED Harry Potter world and spent most of our afternoon and evening casting spells and taking in the amazing atmosphere! It really felt like we were in Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley.

 photo IMG_9961_zps0yqhb0jp.jpg

 photo IMG_9779_zpsflzieawh.jpg

 photo IMG_9960_zpsxcn8ak36.jpg

 photo IMG_7909_zpsmx8y0my9.jpg

 photo IMG_7917_zpsdu5zini0.jpg

 photo IMG_9787_zpsgrgjlula.jpg

 photo IMG_9775_zpsixnuj3lh.jpg

 photo IMG_7920_zps9wnxukoe.jpg

 photo IMG_7922_zpsb0nrz7of.jpg

 photo IMG_9786_zpsnk0jazgl.jpg

I knew that Benjamin was truly on the mend, when he asked Sarah to go on the Hogwart's ride again with him.

 photo IMG_1083_zpsk6eaw6ze.jpg

We all loved the Butter Beer. We tried the frozen kind and the regular. My favorite was the regular one.

 photo IMG_1089_zps2tgxaepi.jpg

We took home some tasty treats!

 photo IMG_9766_zpsgpcm3hru.jpg

We loved talking with the train conductor as we were leaving the park. He saw how many kids we had and compared us to the Weasley family.

 photo IMG_7925_zpsmoxymmew.jpg

 photo IMG_7928_zpsp1qzmwyx.jpg

Our experiences at both parks were absolutely fabulous! We loved our week at the parks and especially being together experiencing all the MAGIC!

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