Five Cute Kids

Five Cute Kids

Monday, August 17, 2015


Spencer had a birthday, shout "HURRAY"!!

He began his day with having a yummy breakfast of pancakes, eggs and bacon and opening presents. Spencer got lots of Minecraft legos from Benjamin and mom and dad, fabric from Andrew, Snackeez, goldfish and Gatorade from Sarah, money from Nonnie, Grandma and Grandpa and a trip to Portland with is dad.
He spent the day with cousins, Auntie Jayna and Nonnie at the pool and got to have ranch chicken for dinner.

 photo DSC_0263_zpsxdhgvxal.jpg

 photo DSC_0265_zps7oyjnnxr.jpg

 photo DSC_0267_zpsvqktvkub.jpg

 photo DSC_0277_zpsgqbagzr4.jpg

Nathan and Spencer left Friday morning and traveled to Bend. They went and saw the movie Minions and shopped around the Mill District.
They left early Saturday morning and drove to Portland. They first went to the Saturday market and did more shopping. Spencer had his portrait drawn and really enjoyed that experience. Then later they headed over to the quilt show and enjoyed seeing all the amazing quilts and trying out a high-tech sewing machine. Spencer was able to keep the bag that he sewed. On their way back to Bend they went to see the Multnomah Falls.

 photo IMG_3797_zps1dthh1py.jpg

 photo IMG_3799_zpspn2drq9i.jpg

 photo IMG_3800_zpsk7fwuvgv.jpg

 photo IMG_3813_zpsmpgxiavm.jpg

 photo IMG_3816_zpszbz8jodc.jpg

 photo IMG_3817_zpszhvtb6o0.jpg

 photo IMG_3841_zpsvuz2ywou.jpg

Eleven things about Spencer...

...he is amazingly kind to EVERYONE!

...he is a great piano player.

...he's a fish in water.

...he is pretty artsy!

...he is very good at quilting.

...he loves Minecraft!

...he's very helpful when the dishwasher needs to be emptied!

...he enjoys playing with legos!

...he's happy 97% of the time!

...he loves having his own room!'ll often hear him say, "How can I help you?" and he means it! He's always wanting to help others because he has such a kind heart!

HaPpY BiRtHdAy, sweet Spencer! We hope you have many, many more! Love you tons!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Nathan did a little decorating to make our home look patriotic for the 4th of July.

 photo IMG_3252_zpsvrp3mlex.jpg

 photo IMG_3253_zpsh3haigqo.jpg

 photo IMG_3375_zpszuvjyq8q.jpg

 photo IMG_3368_zps7crwjffi.jpg

We celebrated the 4th at home beginning our day with watching our neighborhood parade. Our boys got to walk in it in their scout uniforms. So proud of them!

 photo IMG_3318_zpsw3ynf62v.jpg

 photo IMG_3319_zpsogiq41jr.jpg

 photo IMG_3326_zpseuusd4wl.jpg

We had a BBQ and lots of swimming at the Woodard's home and then did fireworks with the Ramey's. It was a fun and long day!

 photo IMG_7482_zpsuuwp1ziv.jpg

Andrew spent a week at Scout Camp and worked hard at getting some merit badges complete. One badge that was especially fun to complete was the water sport. Nathan was able to go up for the last two nights and three days helping with the cooking merit badge.

 photo IMG_7491_zpsjaytdw1a.jpg

 photo IMG_3392_zps3iaurkyu.jpg

 photo IMG_3411_zpsgmnd1rbs.jpg

 photo IMG_3417_zpsf5pqzqag.jpg

 photo IMG_3444_zpsljhospyf.jpg

We had an awesome down pour one evening.

 photo IMG_3384_zpsatjnuujm.jpg

 photo IMG_3382_zpspaqcjjzc.jpg

We played at the river. Be sure to watch the videos - I have some pretty daring boys.

 photo IMG_7413_zpseqaqosg9.jpg

 photo IMG_7414_zps1kobwk2o.jpg

 photo IMG_7415_zpsseyu7opj.jpg

 photo IMG_7416_zpso2kbblic.jpg

 photo IMG_7418_zpshec7f55j.jpg

 photo IMG_7420_zpsp7sngj47.jpg

 photo IMG_7423_zpsizspd6gn.jpg

 photo IMG_7424_zpsdkiungr5.jpg

Andrew was invited to participate in a lacrosse tournament and did really well.

 photo DSC_0040_zpsupycvaxi.jpg

We had us a lot of shave ice.

 photo IMG_7457_zpsg2l0ivkp.jpg

Sarah worked A LOT!!!

 photo IMG_7486_zpsfqlrbqtx.jpg

We all started on quilts and some of us finished them.

 photo IMG_3559_zpslob5tiat.jpg

 photo IMG_3556_zpsnzbmcl5f.jpg

 photo IMG_3561_zpsjuzvladc.jpg

 photo IMG_3312_zps7fqvjgqh.jpg

 photo IMG_3572_zpsexacfe0s.jpg

 photo IMG_3574_zpsn5fbiyaz.jpg

 photo IMG_3309_zpsxt71zeng.jpg

 photo IMG_3582_zpsu8dlldmh.jpg

 photo IMG_3584_zpsfxbmxfrb.jpg

Spencer and Benjamin participated in a swim meet and did fabulous!

 photo DSC_0211_zpswigd08jg.jpg

 photo DSC_0213_zpsyvqhqmbo.jpg

 photo DSC_0227_zpsbopxojmb.jpg

We got to know the goats at the barn. They are so cute!

 photo IMG_7410_zpsccj1stmt.jpg

 photo IMG_7487_zps5uf17wyp.jpg

 photo IMG_7488_zpscvg0ytuk.jpg

 photo IMG_7489_zpssjenbwuz.jpg

 photo IMG_7477_zpseeckhnxn.jpg

 photo IMG_7479_zpsr6gdo3fq.jpg

Sarah spent several days on BSU campus attending BYS (Boise Youth Spectacular) and loved everything about it!!

 photo IMG_7485_zpsmxtpokn6.jpg

 photo IMG_7484_zpskcqxgop5.jpg

 photo IMG_7483_zpshwb0ec6t.jpg

This summer was our summer for our Smith Family reunion with Nathan's parents and siblings. We look forward to this time with grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. We did so many amazing things and our week was jammed packed full of adventure and fun.

 photo DSC_0083_zpsvzrn3qrw.jpg

One afternoon we had a talent show and the only picture I have is Levi enjoying his cousin, Jackson's magic tricks. I love that everyone shared a talent and to see the amazing differences of talents in our family.

 photo IMG_7496_zpspbzzxmm9.jpg

We drove up to the Crouch area to stay for the week and stopped for ice cream. Then we played in the river.

 photo IMG_3606_zpsfa9kommd.jpg

 photo IMG_3616_zpsddwlzolo.jpg

 photo IMG_3619_zpsqzuq9cvj.jpg

We went ziplining one day. Everyone LOVED it! It was something on my "bucket list" so I was pretty excited to go!

 photo IMG_3627_zpstwparxxz.jpg

 photo s ampa zip_zpsloxncytv.jpg

 photo 11895961_10206483917450023_6228148442460945702_n_zps6slxnimv.jpg

 photo sp zip_zpszccnnoac.jpg

 photo l zip_zpszfeps21v.jpg

 photo s zip_zpsuxlyokr2.jpg

 photo a2 zip_zpsqyn53rua.jpg

 photo dad ziplining_zpswb25aopi.jpg

We celebrated everyone's birthday with an afternoon of games, face painting, cake and opening presents.

 photo IMG_7498_zpsogkutulz.jpg

 photo IMG_3644_zpslaesd6jl.jpg

 photo IMG_3653_zpssh6om8wy.jpg

 photo IMG_3641_zpsrr5o9cta.jpg

 photo IMG_3647_zpsoqbtulpg.jpg

We went white water rafting. Benjamin fell out during a rapid and it was pretty intense but he handled it like a pro!

 photo IMG_3697_zpsqfwyd4ds.jpg

 photo IMG_3682_zpsas0cu84a.jpg

 photo IMG_3700_zps4ld1pyve.jpg

 photo IMG_3711_zpskltlg2ep.jpg

 photo IMG_3717_zpsezp06hxr.jpg

 photo IMG_3735_zpsqm5nsjqe.jpg

 photo IMG_3734_zpsay9rffr9.jpg

 photo IMG_3738_zps8mlmgwak.jpg

The last night we went to the Starlight Mountain Theater. We ate a delicious dinner, enjoyed visiting and then watched Calamity Jane. We LOVED the play!! Benjamin got his picture with the main actors.

 photo DSC08726_zpss6s7lr54.jpg

 photo DSC08730_zpszmvjqyjj.jpg

 photo DSC_0050 1_zps8lvlio8j.jpg

 photo DSC08749_zps5ijcfacp.jpg

 photo DSC08751_zpsihlsgf3v.jpg

 photo IMG_3665_zps7xxwns4q.jpg

We stayed in three different cabins because we were such a big group. Sarah stayed with the girls in one cabin and the rest of us stayed in the "boys cabin". It was a wonderful week of adventure, visiting, eating amazing food, and so much fun! We did so much more than what I've included and maybe someday I'll get more pictures posted. Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for a fabulous week!!

 photo bk DSC08772_zpsoreazjhk.jpg

 photo DSC08782_zpsazpfvhpj.jpg

 photo DSC08791_zpstdgkxdu1.jpg

 photo DSC08799_zpsxvhnclhd.jpg

 photo DSC08801_zpsdqhvtjyz.jpg

 photo DSC08805_zpsnvjlzngm.jpg

 photo IMG_3667_zpsnwndscb9.jpg

Sarah made a video of our reunion and all the fun we had together. Enjoy!

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