Five Cute Kids

Five Cute Kids

Monday, August 17, 2015


Spencer had a birthday, shout "HURRAY"!!

He began his day with having a yummy breakfast of pancakes, eggs and bacon and opening presents. Spencer got lots of Minecraft legos from Benjamin and mom and dad, fabric from Andrew, Snackeez, goldfish and Gatorade from Sarah, money from Nonnie, Grandma and Grandpa and a trip to Portland with is dad.
He spent the day with cousins, Auntie Jayna and Nonnie at the pool and got to have ranch chicken for dinner.

 photo DSC_0263_zpsxdhgvxal.jpg

 photo DSC_0265_zps7oyjnnxr.jpg

 photo DSC_0267_zpsvqktvkub.jpg

 photo DSC_0277_zpsgqbagzr4.jpg

Nathan and Spencer left Friday morning and traveled to Bend. They went and saw the movie Minions and shopped around the Mill District.
They left early Saturday morning and drove to Portland. They first went to the Saturday market and did more shopping. Spencer had his portrait drawn and really enjoyed that experience. Then later they headed over to the quilt show and enjoyed seeing all the amazing quilts and trying out a high-tech sewing machine. Spencer was able to keep the bag that he sewed. On their way back to Bend they went to see the Multnomah Falls.

 photo IMG_3797_zps1dthh1py.jpg

 photo IMG_3799_zpspn2drq9i.jpg

 photo IMG_3800_zpsk7fwuvgv.jpg

 photo IMG_3813_zpsmpgxiavm.jpg

 photo IMG_3816_zpszbz8jodc.jpg

 photo IMG_3817_zpszhvtb6o0.jpg

 photo IMG_3841_zpsvuz2ywou.jpg

Eleven things about Spencer...

...he is amazingly kind to EVERYONE!

...he is a great piano player.

...he's a fish in water.

...he is pretty artsy!

...he is very good at quilting.

...he loves Minecraft!

...he's very helpful when the dishwasher needs to be emptied!

...he enjoys playing with legos!

...he's happy 97% of the time!

...he loves having his own room!'ll often hear him say, "How can I help you?" and he means it! He's always wanting to help others because he has such a kind heart!

HaPpY BiRtHdAy, sweet Spencer! We hope you have many, many more! Love you tons!

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