Five Cute Kids

Five Cute Kids

Thursday, October 1, 2015


September is always a month for us to get back on a schedule and to see how many different activities our family can do. We have four kids doing piano lessons. Spencer and Benjamin are playing flag football which consists of one practice a week and one game on Friday night. Andrew is playing lacrosse where he has two practices a week and a game on Friday night. We always have scouts and Young Women and other extra activities. This Fall, Thursday seemed to attract most of our activities and we ended up having at least five different places we needed to be.

At the beginning of September we drove to Twin Falls for Keegan's baptism. It was nice to visit with him and his family and we added a little side trip to Shoshone Falls.

 photo IMG_4020_zpsjznjqc5g.jpg

 photo IMG_4030_zpsin1l2b9w.jpg

 photo IMG_4033_zpsl5f5h45h.jpg

 photo IMG_4031_zps93uek7xe.jpg

Sarah didn't go with us because she went to Salt Lake with friends to see.....

 photo IMG_0033_zps6nu6mky3.jpg

 photo IMG_0116_zps6ywxiz6k.jpg

 photo IMG_0107_zps2txeedjp.jpg

 photo IMG_0103_zpsjbnzqjxk.jpg

 photo IMG_0070_zpsf7vfu0i3.jpg

 photo IMG_0048_zpsrjghy42v.jpg

she had a wonderful time seeing Taylor Swift in concert. It was a dream come true for her!

Nathan got to go to Boston again and this time he got to listen to and meet Brene Brown...lucky boy!

 photo IMG_4137_zpscjpzkxpq.jpg

The younger boys and dad went to the school carnival and had a fun time!

 photo IMG_4227_zps9wzlepe6.jpg

 photo IMG_4233_zpssrdyhtu8.jpg photo IMG_4234_zps6hhlsm8h.jpg

 photo IMG_4238_zps7srqoa90.jpg

Levi wanted a picture with Chewy...

 photo IMG_7643_zpsv9n9lqcx.jpg

We went to McCall for one glorious weekend. There is something magical for me to get away to McCall. It must be the water and being in nature with my family. I just absolutely love everything about McCall!

 photo IMG_0875_zpshshxuapg.jpg

 photo IMG_0876_zpswkyogsva.jpg

 photo IMG_0881_zpshytbuy46.jpg

 photo IMG_0886_zpsxe2tcbdp.jpg

 photo IMG_0889_zpscqdgjxsz.jpg

 photo IMG_0897_zps1lkb7zhw.jpg

 photo IMG_0903_zpsaaqniyfn.jpg

 photo IMG_0908_zpsumhsoyfo.jpg

 photo IMG_0911_zps2jzegj7k.jpg

 photo IMG_0918_zpshygushye.jpg

 photo IMG_4363_zpsoglopwvt.jpg

 photo IMG_4432_zpsm6o91ebd.jpg

 photo IMG_4438_zpslkvep1se.jpg

 photo IMG_4465_zpspyhahf8n.jpg

 photo IMG_4384_zps9ryl2ubm.jpg

 photo IMG_4386_zpsgcaupfnk.jpg

 photo IMG_4415_zpsf562ri92.jpg

We went to McCall because Nathan was asked to do the flowers for a wedding. Of course, he did an amazing job!!

 photo IMG_4335_zpsxr8n4cts.jpg

 photo IMG_4339_zpsn9h9i9od.jpg

 photo IMG_4355_zpsvca88odm.jpg

September was a good month!

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