Five Cute Kids

Five Cute Kids

Monday, February 4, 2013

an update from my iPhone

Since my last post, we've done a few fun things. The kids have been sledding a bunch. We got a lot of snow (for us) and then it stayed cold so the snow stayed around. I love this picture of Levi as he is at the age where if he doesn't want to do something, he really doesn't want to do it. He didn't want his picture taken. He loved the snow and he loved the sledding, but he DIDN'T want his picture taken.

 photo IMG_2297_zpsd194afa3.jpg
 photo IMG_2287_zps2c01a639.jpg
 photo IMG_2281_zps7cd67596.jpg
 photo IMG_2298_zps54b678fb.jpg
 photo IMG_2299_zpsa84e489b.jpg
 photo IMG_2305_zpsec6f062f.jpg

Sarah, Andrew, Spencer and Nathan went skiing twice.

 photo IMG_4739_zps5a90c4f5.jpg
 photo IMG_3452_zps7f6c6d8f.jpg

Since we spent a lot of time inside because of the cold weather, on a day off of school we spent three hours at JumpTime. We went with the Allen's and their cousins. The kids LOVED it!!! It's a little tricky to get "action shots".

 photo IMG_2391_zps2c44a94e.jpg
 photo IMG_2390_zps81a3e7b5.jpg photo IMG_2383_zps28f00551.jpg
 photo IMG_2373_zps92af2741.jpg
 photo IMG_2384_zps63873425.jpg

Levi has a wonderful imagination. On this particular day, he was a magician who pulled invisible rabbits out of his hat. Some days he's a puppy. Other days he's a rock star. Sometimes he's a cat. He loves for others to use their imaginations and play with him.

 photo IMG_2404_zps2e9bf37c.jpg

BSU had a fun exploration day for elementary kids. Our schedule only allowed us to be there for a couple of hours, but we all had a great time!

 photo IMG_2450_zps49333258.jpg
 photo IMG_2452_zps19d2a8ed.jpg
 photo IMG_2455_zps87071356.jpg
 photo IMG_2457_zps021a033b.jpg
They got a really good lesson about gravity.
 photo IMG_2466_zpsbea4b753.jpg
The three oldest boys all tried a Segway and did great riding it!
 photo IMG_2468_zps64e9cc57.jpg
There you go. Just a little update from my iPhone. Enjoy!
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