Five Cute Kids

Five Cute Kids

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


These are just a few of the fun things we did in November.

We had our first BIG snowfall which gave us a SNOW DAY! We loved having the day at home to play in the snow. It was also a Friday, so our dad got to be at home with us too!

 photo IMG_6200_zpsed1b2d21.jpg

 photo IMG_6201_zps5a990d6e.jpg

 photo IMG_9740_zps87ada2f7.jpg

 photo IMG_9734_zpsc6a655c3.jpg

I took the three younger boys sledding and we all had a great time!!

 photo IMG_6209_zps7e4f7382.jpg

 photo IMG_6210_zps277b04ac.jpg

 photo IMG_6197_zps6bf91dbf.jpg

Levi got to bring the Estimation Jar home and fill it with anything he wanted. He filled it with some of his favorite toys. Miss Erin let all the kids estimate how many things were in the jar and then she put them out to count. Levi absolutely LOVED this experience! It made him feel so important and special and to show off some of his favorite things!

 photo IMG_6225_zps9c8d61cd.jpg

 photo IMG_6226_zpse9377e87.jpg

 photo IMG_6228_zpsd928cb93.jpg

Benjamin was introduced at Pack Meeting as a new cub scout. He is excited to be a cub scout and all the fun adventures that he will get to be a part of.

 photo IMG_6239_zps8062c75d.jpg

Nathan decorated another tree for the Festival of Trees for St. Al's. Sarah and Andrew went with to "help". I think the tree turned out beautiful and it was definitely my favorite one there!

 photo IMG_9865_zps9619e222.jpg

 photo IMG_9843_zps00fcffa8.jpg

 photo IMG_9836_zps555e45ac.jpg

 photo IMG_6293_zps8fc63983.jpg

 photo IMG_6292_zpsea81ea01.jpg

So much of our family came for Benjamin's baptism. It was such a wonderful baptism!

 photo DSC_0018_zps37a64f0a.jpg

 photo DSC_0008_zps1ef3e7f6.jpg

After the baptism everyone came over to the barn for Thanksgiving. We were so grateful for our family who traveled a long ways to celebrate Benjamin and Thanksgiving with us!

 photo IMG_9893_zpsa1692047.jpg

 photo IMG_9917_zps792fc32b.jpg

 photo IMG_9906_zpsa1f821dd.jpg

 photo IMG_9899_zpsd4b4ab96.jpg

 photo IMG_9889_zpsa92b1cfe.jpg

 photo IMG_9920_zps01272e39.jpg

 photo IMG_9913_zps2f274c65.jpg

 photo IMG_9892_zps5c10b1a8.jpg

After the lovely meal and visiting with our family, we tried to get a family picture for our Christmas cards.

 photo DSC_0005_zps44e61eb9.jpg

 photo IMG_9973_zps63f2b574.jpg

Nathan and several people he works with volunteered to do Rake Up Boise which was postponed due to our big snow storm earlier in the month so after all the snow melted, they were able to get out and rake up all those leaves.

 photo IMG_9929_zps1261fa90.jpg

 photo IMG_9942_zpsd8db7933.jpg

 photo IMG_9945_zps49dcfb2f.jpg

We got more snow near the end of the month after all the other had melted. Benjamin was determined to make a snowman. He built this one all by himself and we think he used ALL of the snow (and leaves) out front to make it. Love it!!

 photo IMG_9992_zps20d42f4e.jpg

Having so much snow so early in the season got everyone thinking about hitting the slopes. (As you can see from the background, Nathan was very busy putting up our Christmas decorations after Thanksgiving.)

 photo IMG_9981_zps527dc394.jpg

What a wonderful month FULL of fun times and fabulous memories!

Monday, December 1, 2014

It's GREAT to be EIGHT

In our family, we have a tradition that the eight days leading up to our children's baptism we celebrate them every day in a different way.

On the first day of Benjamin's "It's Great to be Eight", Benjamin got to go to his first Pack meeting as a new cub scout. Afterwards, we went to Dairy Queen for a yummy Blizzard to celebrate.

 photo IMG_6239_zps8062c75d.jpg

 photo IMG_6241_zps5c5400cb.jpg

 photo IMG_6244_zpse8004a72.jpg

On the second day, we went to a movie, Dolphin Tale 2 and out for pizza as a family.

 photo IMG_6245_zpsc5c62e90.jpg

For the third day, mom and dad took Benjamin on a date. We stopped at Toys R Us for something and just happened to be there the same time the Marines were their with a tank. Benjamin was very excited that he got to actually go inside and stand on top of it. Then we went to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch. Benjamin and Nathan shared a Chinese Chicken salad and Macaroni and Cheese balls and then we all split the Oreo cookie cheesecake for dessert.

 photo IMG_6254_zps160b311c.jpg

 photo IMG_6256_zpscc06fd93.jpg

 photo IMG_9819_zpsa12d4c0c.jpg

 photo IMG_9822_zps9d7fef4d.jpg

On the fourth day, Benjamin got a new set of scriptures from mom and dad. He was SUPER excited and had looked forward to getting them for quite some time.

The fifth day we celebrated Benjamin with a special Family Home Evening with talking about the importance of following our Savior and getting baptized like him. We played fun games for the activity and had a yummy treat. (Too bad we forgot to take any pictures!!)

On the sixth day of "It's Great to be Eight", Benjamin got a new lamp for his bed so he can read at night and so he can remember to be "The Light of the World".

For the seventh day, Nonnie gave Benjamin a special "comforter" for his bed so that he can remember how the Holy Ghost will always be a "comforter" for him.

The eighth day of "It's Great to be Eight' is always the most special because that's the day you get baptized. Benjamin had a lot of family members and friends come for his special day. Nathan conducted the baptism, Alexa (his cousin) gave the talk on Baptism, I gave the talk on the Holy Ghost, Sarah and Andrew played a duet for the musical number, Sarah played the piano for the other songs, Palmer (his cousin) led the music, Grandma Smith and Aunt Angie offered prayers and Grandpa Smith and Uncle Jon were the witnesses and stood in the circle during the blessing. It was an absolutely wonderful service and we hope Benjamin will remember it forever. We are so proud of his choice to be baptized!! We love you, Benjamin!!

 photo DSC05503_zpsb00d9d50.jpg

 photo DSC_0018_zps37a64f0a.jpg

 photo DSC_0008_zps1ef3e7f6.jpg

Sunday, November 9, 2014


Benjamin had a birthday and turned EIGHT! He woke up early (like every morning) so he could open his presents before Dad and Sarah left for work and early-morning Seminary.

 photo IMG_6149_zpse71e5def.jpg

He got an iTunes card, Nerf gun, ping-pong set, hover craft, mini scooter, scout book, shirt and scarf and money from grandparents.
He got really spoiled!!

 photo IMG_6160_zps00520c65.jpg

For dinner he wanted chicken nuggets and tatortots and mom thought it would be good to have a salad, too. Benjamin wanted brownies and ice cream for his birthday treat and then we broke the "no electronics during the week" rule and watched Maleficent. It was a fun day!

 photo IMG_6153_zps28d9e780.jpg

 photo IMG_6157_zps2125b715.jpg

Eight things about Benjamin...

1. He is our most "techy" kiddo. He loves anything electronic and from a very young age has excelled in electronics.

2. He is SO easy going. Not much will faze him and he is always willing to "go with the flow".

3. He still wakes up early every morning.

4. He loves to snuggle with his mom.

5. He is super smart in Math!

6. He started taking piano lessons at the beginning of the school year and can't understand why he doesn't sound like the Piano Guys yet.

7. He always has a smile on his face!

8. He is VERY excited about getting baptized later this month.

We love you very much, Benjamin! Happiest of Birthdays!!

(He did get to bring in one of his favorite treats of Krispy Kreme donuts for his classmates at school - the teacher was sick so I didn't get to go in and get a picture.)

Thursday, November 6, 2014


October is one of my favorite months. There are so many fun things for our family to do together. I also love the changing of the weather and leaves. We had a beautiful display in our neighborhood.

 photo IMG_6090_zps3d1c0171.jpg

The first weekend of the month, the kids had a four day weekend so we went to McCall. We went up Wednesday after Nathan got off work and thoroughly enjoyed the long weekend. Since it was General Conference weekend the kids got to eat all the sugar coated cereal they wanted.

 photo IMG_0040_zpscebc1284.jpg

The weather couldn't have been more beautiful. We explored by the water, went on lots of bike rides and spent time in town.

 photo IMG_0041_zpsfbae8f9c.jpg

 photo IMG_0012_zpsdbdfd277.jpg

 photo IMG_9283_zps3a898562.jpg

 photo IMG_0004_2_zps8a437bff.jpg

 photo IMG_0057_zps4fd2e45c.jpg

 photo IMG_0064_zps66b6d708.jpg

 photo IMG_0068_zps2c8be11e.jpg

 photo IMG_0006_2_zpse94c9a73.jpg

 photo IMG_0058_zpsf77c6b9d.jpg

 photo IMG_5052_zpsd8566666.jpg

 photo IMG_0059_zpsf779031f.jpg

 photo IMG_0060_zps9d925b9a.jpg

 photo IMG_0061_zps73dac2ad.jpg

 photo IMG_0007_2_zpsf731237d.jpg

 photo IMG_0009_2_zps0c49a56a.jpg

 photo IMG_0062_zpsb35e7f32.jpg

 photo IMG_0039_zps7c8dc387.jpg

On Friday, the Ramey's came up and we spent a lot of our time in and by the lake.

 photo IMG_9402_zps4175999c.jpg

 photo IMG_0767_zps9d3b2af2.jpg

 photo IMG_5969_zps2269fbb4.jpg

 photo IMG_9407_zps9122fbbe.jpg

 photo IMG_9403_zps4b880d30.jpg

 photo IMG_9309_zpsb6326c2e.jpg

 photo IMG_9400_zpsbb2f4752.jpg

 photo IMG_5958_zpsa107da3c.jpg

 photo IMG_9349_zpsa9d5be33.jpg

 photo IMG_9367_zps85132db8.jpg

 photo IMG_9379_zps78b70bc8.jpg

The girls rode their bikes to town and enjoyed a treat.

 photo IMG_5080_zps8f2fe3af.jpg

Spencer caught his first fish.

 photo IMG_9356_zps41db720f.jpg

 photo IMG_9363_zpsf3cb5f0f.jpg

We love going to the Pancake House and eating lots of yummy food!! Can you believe the size of those pancakes?

 photo IMG_9327_zps3f299360.jpg

 photo IMG_9331_zps083ae822.jpg

 photo IMG_9330_zpsca92fd4c.jpg

 photo IMG_9332_zps3ce07fb0.jpg

 photo IMG_9335_zps1766f2d9.jpg

Hotdog Bob came often and brought a friend. I think we must have fed them over 50 hotdogs over the weekend. I'm sure they were sad to see us leave.

 photo IMG_5113_zps0c28f05a.jpg

 photo IMG_9319_zps9ed6d7f9.jpg

 photo IMG_9315_zpsf5a532ae.jpg

 photo IMG_9317_zps98291382.jpg

 photo IMG_0002_zps263db1c5.jpg

 photo IMG_0008_zpsb4efe29d.jpg

 photo IMG_0006_zps441fa540.jpg

These two little boys were the best of buddies the entire weekend. They loved playing outside and "digging".

 photo IMG_5989_zpsa149656d.jpg

 photo IMG_5986_zpsc5a73813.jpg

We could not get enough of the beautiful weather and that gorgeous lake!!

 photo IMG_0794_zpsab3caa53.jpg

Andrew played in several games and did really well. Luckily he wore his orange shoes so I could always see him on the field. Can you see him?

 photo IMG_6046_zpse744dfd7.jpg

 photo IMG_6019_zps7a41bfa1.jpg

 photo IMG_5876_zpsfeee3794.png

Nathan celebrated his birthday. The kids and I decorated his office after a football game so he had no idea until he walked in the morning of his birthday. It's always fun when we can pull off a surprise. We went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. Our dad got to "ride the bull" to celebrate. Can you guess how old he turned?

 photo IMG_9440_zps493607e7.jpg

 photo IMG_9439_zps348fd170.jpg

Of course, our dad decorated our home for the holiday. He always does such an amazing job making our home look so festive!

 photo IMG_9558_zpsabf94ce4.jpg

 photo IMG_9560_zps832139cd.jpg

 photo IMG_9611_zpsf59ca88c.jpg

Our family went to see Disney on Ice. We absolutely loved it!

 photo IMG_5333_zpsa5040ce9.jpg

 photo IMG_6061_zps7456e0ee.jpg

Our neighborhood had their annual Halloween party. I love that it's at the barn. We had soup and donuts and the kids played lots of games and then went through the corn maze.

 photo IMG_9469_zps1c5022d7.jpg

 photo IMG_9470_zps5e04a10d.jpg

 photo IMG_9460_zps607cb137.jpg

 photo IMG_9467_zpse65e9839.jpg

 photo IMG_6072_zpsfab9ac79.jpg

Our family went to Boo at the Zoo and trick-or-treated amongst the animals. We had a really fun time! Spencer entered the contest and did great!

 photo IMG_9506_zps0e3c4f9b.jpg

 photo IMG_9494_zps986ae9cb.jpg

After being at the Zoo we went to the Botanical Gardens to see the Scarecrow Walk.

 photo IMG_9514_zpsa23b13ae.jpg

 photo IMG_9520_zps94c6d350.jpg

 photo IMG_9526_zpsd768f861.jpg

 photo IMG_9530_zps2043009d.jpg

The Ramey's came over for our traditional evening of carving pumpkins, eating soup in pumpkin bread bowls and decorating pumpkin sugar cookies.

 photo IMG_9567_zps3a028421.jpg

 photo IMG_9569_zps5d374b58.jpg

 photo IMG_9574_zpscfe740c8.jpg

 photo IMG_6106_zps724da21e.jpg

 photo IMG_6111_zpsad5d02d8.jpg

The boys worked on a puzzle one night.

 photo IMG_9585_zpsa83eaf09.jpg

The kids had the day off of school on Halloween due to parent/teacher conferences and since it was a Friday, Nathan also had the day off. It was absolutely dreamy to have the whole day together and do whatever we wanted. We decided to go trick-or-treating at the mall and had such a fun time. The kids got a ton of candy and since we'd never gone to the mall on Halloween, it was a fun new thing to do!

 photo IMG_9617_zps81b581c1.jpg

Here's our favorite spooks!! Sarah is Miranda Sings, Andrew is the Blue guy, Spencer is Fruit Ninja, Benjamin is a snake charmer and Levi is Venom.

 photo IMG_6130_zps549c69c1.jpg

 photo IMG_6132_zpscb6a5183.jpg

Halloween evening was perfect weather and we all enjoyed being out and seeing so many friends in our neighborhood.

 photo IMG_9620_zps9a6a62e2.jpg

 photo IMG_9621_zpse471a99c.jpg

Look at the cavities loot they got!!

 photo IMG_6134_zpseceeba0d.jpg

 photo IMG_6135_zps2390477a.jpg

 photo IMG_6137_zps7970add6.jpg

We think Levi really got into the Halloween spirit when we came in after he fell asleep to find him sleeping in his "coffin".

 photo IMG_9627_zpsed36e9be.jpg

What a wonderful, fun-filled month!!!
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