Five Cute Kids

Five Cute Kids

Sunday, November 9, 2014


Benjamin had a birthday and turned EIGHT! He woke up early (like every morning) so he could open his presents before Dad and Sarah left for work and early-morning Seminary.

 photo IMG_6149_zpse71e5def.jpg

He got an iTunes card, Nerf gun, ping-pong set, hover craft, mini scooter, scout book, shirt and scarf and money from grandparents.
He got really spoiled!!

 photo IMG_6160_zps00520c65.jpg

For dinner he wanted chicken nuggets and tatortots and mom thought it would be good to have a salad, too. Benjamin wanted brownies and ice cream for his birthday treat and then we broke the "no electronics during the week" rule and watched Maleficent. It was a fun day!

 photo IMG_6153_zps28d9e780.jpg

 photo IMG_6157_zps2125b715.jpg

Eight things about Benjamin...

1. He is our most "techy" kiddo. He loves anything electronic and from a very young age has excelled in electronics.

2. He is SO easy going. Not much will faze him and he is always willing to "go with the flow".

3. He still wakes up early every morning.

4. He loves to snuggle with his mom.

5. He is super smart in Math!

6. He started taking piano lessons at the beginning of the school year and can't understand why he doesn't sound like the Piano Guys yet.

7. He always has a smile on his face!

8. He is VERY excited about getting baptized later this month.

We love you very much, Benjamin! Happiest of Birthdays!!

(He did get to bring in one of his favorite treats of Krispy Kreme donuts for his classmates at school - the teacher was sick so I didn't get to go in and get a picture.)

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