Five Cute Kids

Five Cute Kids

Friday, April 3, 2015


We had a lovely March!

The three youngest boys went to Home Depot and created bookends.

 photo IMG_1634_zpsyejt64yz.jpg

Sarah got her Driver's Permit!

 photo IMG_6879_zps930ajmbp.jpg

Levi registered for Kindergarten and got this very cool shirt!

 photo IMG_6927_zpstrwttfba.jpg

We went fishing one evening for FHE. Benjamin was the only lucky one and he caught two but we all had fun!

 photo IMG_6899_zpskqbs4yg8.jpg

 photo IMG_6903_zps6sxlglk0.jpg

 photo IMG_6904_zpsx7snnt7r.jpg

 photo IMG_6905_zpsvqkbiazg.jpg

Levi learned about Mexico at Preschool and had a Fiesta to celebrate his learning!

 photo IMG_6908_zpspyfc8ayw.jpg

Andrew started lacrosse practice.

 photo IMG_6757_zpssnscl9lj.jpg

Spencer had a Music program at school. The theme was Disney and it really was an amazingly well done program. So fun to watch and hear all the great music!

 photo IMG_6910_zpsri53eirv.jpg

Levi lost his second tooth.

 photo IMG_1717_zpshmqgcknz.jpg

We had a fabulous Spring Break!!!

 photo IMG_1858_zpsfkjbdt0k.jpg

 photo IMG_2018_zpskmzzx7pw.jpg

 photo IMG_2244_zpseiubuatp.png

Such great memories!!
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