Five Cute Kids

Five Cute Kids

Thursday, March 19, 2015

She did it!

When we signed Sarah up for Drivers Ed I had no idea how complicated and intense our lives would feel for the two and a half weeks of the class. She had class seven nights for four hours and she had eight drives where she would drive for 45 minutes (but there were usually two other kids in the car who also needed to drive for 45 minutes). Luckily we signed her up with James Allen and his mom and I could carpool for the classes and some of the drives. A couple of days she was picked up from her school to do the drives which really helped. Everywhere she went she carried around that clipboard which had her class schedule, homework and the sign that showed the drivers that she was part of the class. I have to say that Sarah was pretty amazing! She was up late most nights but still made it to Seminary every day. She kept up on her homework and still got great grades despite all that was required of her. She was often complimented on her driving from her instructors. She got to drive a Camaro, a VW Bug and a Hummer. Now all she has to do is drive for 60 hours (50 in the day and 10 at night) with her parents and wait six months and then she can get her license. WOWZA!! You go, girl!!!

 photo IMG_6879_zps930ajmbp.jpg

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On her last night of class, we all met for a parent meeting at Fast Lanes. Then we got to watch the kids drive. Here is a picture of Sarah's class. She said it was a pretty eclectic group - very diverse. I wish you could see the rainbow tail that one of the girls wore the entire class time. I'm not making this up - she wore a rainbow tail.

 photo IMG_6878_zpsritabrdx.jpg

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