Five Cute Kids

Five Cute Kids

Monday, June 30, 2014


In June, we finished another great year of school. We were happy with our kids teachers and grateful for a year of learning and growth. Here is Benjamin with Mrs. Broadie on the last day of school. She was a positive and kind teacher for Benjamin.

 photo IMG_5186_zps746339f7.jpg

Mrs. Brooks was Spencer's teacher this year and taught him a lot about giving and thinking of others.

 photo IMG_5192_zps3171b126.jpg

Andrew's class had an awesome party on the last day of school. They swam, played games and ate lots of yummy food the ENTIRE last day. Ms. Wagner was a great teacher for Andrew!

 photo IMG_5193_zpsa49fcd42.jpg

After school, we headed over to the Ball's for their "Summer has begun" party complete with an ice cream sundae bar and playing with friends.

 photo IMG_5207_zpsfc57ea21.jpg

The first weekend of the month we headed off to Hagerman to camp.

 photo IMG_7748_zps51d7ad78.jpg

Levi took swimming lessons with Miss Lindsey for two weeks. He can put his face in the water and swim short distances. We saw huge improvements in his swimming ability this summer!

 photo IMG_5262_zps50f2feba.jpg

 photo IMG_5715_zpsb8473a68.png

Nathan went to Seattle for several days for a work convention. He enjoyed being in the big city and learned a ton about his new career. We loved getting daily texts and pictures from him of the adventures he was having.

 photo IMG_7787_zps4adb8589.jpg

 photo IMG_7834_zps3a2f2520.jpg

 photo IMG_7861_zps920e5173.jpg

 photo IMG_7865_zpse102d61f.jpg

He brought home matching shirts for him and all the kids.

 photo IMG_7945_zpsd57da0ce.jpg

Sarah got to go on Trek with all the youth from our Stake. They went somewhere in Oregon and acted as if they were pioneers crossing the plains with handcarts. She really enjoyed her experience and getting to know more people from our Stake. Nonnie made her bonnet, skirt and apron. Thank you Nonnie!!

 photo IMG_5239_zps6d6f5af3.jpg

 photo IMG_5243_zps6f6e0558.jpg

And this is how she looked when she got home. Completely and totally worn out!

 photo IMG_5248_zps60d72958.jpg

Spencer and Benjamin participated in a swim meet. They did really well and loved the competition.

 photo DSC_0383_zps64fa0f7e.jpg

 photo DSC_0393_zpsf504a42a.jpg

One evening we celebrated the kids getting great grades by going to Goody's.

 photo IMG_8001_zps4c1d94f5.jpg

 photo IMG_8009_zps4022cb72.jpg

Levi was running one evening, tripped and fell face first into a bench. He was pretty swollen and it knocked one of his teeth loose. His mouth hurt really bad the next day but he wouldn't let me put ice on it to help with the swelling, so I let him eat as many snow cones as he wanted. I think he ate 8 of them that day and didn't understand why he couldn't eat that many the every day. Dream big, buddy!!

 photo IMG_5289_zpsff022ef8.jpg

Here he is trying to smile with his swollen face - it cracks me up!!

 photo IMG_5290_zps26eb41fe.jpg

The last weekend of the month we drove to Pioneer Campground near Fairfield, Idaho for the Smith family reunion. Oh, how we love the times we get to spend with Nathan's extended family! There is plenty of good visiting, fun activities and too much good food! This year the reunion was put on by Uncle Dave and Aunt Dee and their kids. The theme was "Duck Dynasty" and we even had a few family members who looked the part. The games and activities were so very fun and we are grateful for all of their hard work to put together a reunion we'll never forget.

 photo IMG_8043_zpsec92c7f5.jpg

 photo IMG_8042_zpse7529afb.jpg

 photo IMG_8051_zpsf237f304.jpg

 photo IMG_8052_zps7ef03430.jpg

 photo IMG_8084_zpsabc371b5.jpg

 photo IMG_8063_zps69306852.jpg

 photo IMG_8060_zps61fa1bf4.jpg

 photo IMG_8062_zps6c30aa7d.jpg

 photo IMG_8068_zps87910066.jpg

 photo IMG_8070_zps3b22f255.jpg

 photo IMG_8075_zpsa13578d0.jpg

 photo IMG_8078_zpsd86f276e.jpg

 photo IMG_8088_zps71094cc8.jpg

This was taken just minutes from leaving the reunion. We all had such a fun time that it was exhausting! Those two items in Levi's lap were purchased at the reunion auction. Levi was thrilled with his "treasures". After leaving the reunion, we headed south to spend a week in Utah with Jayna, Ryan and their cute kiddos.

 photo IMG_5293_zps66bc53b7.jpg

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Camping in Hagerman

The first Friday morning of June our family started off on a grand adventure, but first we had to stop for free donuts at Krispy Kreme.

 photo IMG_7692_zps562958ba.jpg

We left all of our electronics at home (except for a couple of phone so we could take pictures) and enjoyed our drive to Hagerman by listening to The Lightening Thief on CD. When we got to Hagerman we went to their elementary school and ate lunch and played.

 photo IMG_7699_zps22944bd2.jpg

 photo IMG_7704_zps1d08d980.jpg

 photo IMG_7713_zps056fa9fa.jpg

A few months ago I made reservations for us to stay at Miracle Hot Springs in Hagerman.

 photo IMG_7747_zpsce8d78e2.jpg

This was the dome where we slept...

 photo IMG_7743_zps2e452e91.jpg

 photo IMG_7739_zps02f265c1.jpg

and this was our next door neighbor. Seriously!

 photo IMG_7715_zps50cc0ec8.jpg

 photo IMG_5280_zps08daa5f4.jpg

 photo IMG_5213_zps9a5efa32.jpg

 photo IMG_5210_zpsc8beebae.jpg

We played some games.

 photo IMG_7727_zps9354b67f.jpg

We swam a TON both days!!

 photo IMG_5282_zpsf3d27c7c.jpg

 photo IMG_5281_zps9ab8d542.jpg

 photo IMG_7764_zps8967e962.jpg

 photo IMG_5284_zps44a3f802.jpg

 photo IMG_5286_zpsf1fc01f9.jpg

 photo IMG_3389_zps6286eec3.jpg

We visited the Hagerman visitor center and the Fossil Bed Lookout which were both pretty cool. The three oldest kids have all studied in 4th grade about Idaho history and have learned about the Hagerman Fossil beds and our state fossil - The Hagerman horse. I'm not sure why we didn't get a picture of the horse but you can kind of see it behind Sarah's head. The kids were able to fill our the Hagerman Junior Ranger packet and be officially sworn in as Junior Rangers.

 photo IMG_7755_zpsf26ae2af.jpg

 photo IMG_7748_zps51d7ad78.jpg

We had so much fun it was exhausting!

 photo IMG_5223_zpsded35ba4.jpg

 photo IMG_5218_zps93788f89.jpg

 photo IMG_5217_zps23d93c82.jpg
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