Five Cute Kids

Five Cute Kids

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Our Crazy Month of May

I was gone one evening and this is how Sarah entertained Levi....she wrapped all of her scarves around him. So silly!!

 photo IMG_5036_zps23cd5b65.jpg

Benjamin read 600 minutes and got to go on a fun date with mom and dad. We went to Mongo's for lunch and TCBY's for a treat. It was so fun to celebrate Benjamin's reading!

 photo IMG_7423_zps54e68977.jpg

 photo IMG_5056_zps08c0fe08.jpg

Eating lots of watermelon began...

 photo IMG_7442_zps9c16d64a.jpg

Benjamin wrapped up another great season of soccer with a party at the park. We couldn't have done it without great coaches! He had a fun time and really improved his soccer skills!

 photo IMG_5085_zps94d6fcde.jpg

Andrew had his last band concert of his elementary career.

 photo IMG_7461_zpsb5a78439.jpg

We always love that our neighborhood sponsors The Great Outdoors Concert in May. This is a great time to see our neighbors, listen to good music, let the kids run around and play and eat really delicious food! This year the three oldest boys participated in the pie eating contest. They all did great! Andrew won for his age group.

 photo IMG_5088_zpse098a779.jpg
 photo IMG_5089_zpsb1341da3.jpg
 photo IMG_5092_zps668ba54d.jpg

 photo IMG_5093_zpsaf9ddfda.jpg
 photo IMG_5094_zps2c3b61da.jpg
 photo IMG_5097_zpsef3ef847.jpg

 photo IMG_5100_zpsea3a1033.jpg
 photo IMG_5102_zps64b9a8ad.jpg
 photo IMG_5107_zps86ac3e51.jpg

Sarah and Levi enjoyed the hayride through the orchard.

 photo IMG_5112_zps6530ef3e.jpg

Sarah and Andrew participated in a piano concert and did fabulous!!

 photo IMG_5119_zps7fba7c1f.jpg

Mom, Dad and Levi joined Benjamin and his class on a trip to the Zoo.

 photo IMG_5075_zps4196e6e0.jpg

 photo IMG_5073_zps3defc753.jpg

 photo IMG_7477_zps13283b94.jpg

 photo IMG_7488_zps74c67cf9.jpg

 photo IMG_7492_zps9a75fbc5.jpg

 photo IMG_7510_zpsaa740cff.jpg

 photo IMG_7507_zpsabf05bc2.jpg

For Christmas, the three oldest got tickets to see Wicked. We finally got to go see the musical and couldn't imagine how much we'd love it. It surpassed our expectations. We've been singing along to all of the songs and can't wait for another chance to see it.

 photo IMG_5034_zps2a62e171.jpg

 photo IMG_5035_zps4507e2c0.jpg

Benjamin with his classmates have been learning about communities and created their own class town called, Duckyland.

 photo IMG_5173_zps6f9fb7ce.jpg

 photo IMG_5174_zps88f3a8a4.jpg

He was in charge of creating Duckyland Mall.

 photo IMG_5175_zps14a687cb.jpg

And this is our house.

 photo IMG_5176_zpsd8d907b5.jpg

Andrew wrapped up another season of soccer. He had a good season despite the fact that his team didn't win very much. They did well during their last tournament and took second in their bracket. He's planning on taking the next year off from soccer and try other sports like football and lacrosse.

 photo IMG_5046_zpsc179fa81.jpg

 photo IMG_5044_zpsc4e7e1b9.jpg

Nathan continues to work on projects on his Fridays off. Here he is putting a "happy color" on the walls of our office/homework room.

 photo IMG_5163_zpsa0c0a1cc.jpg
Levi finished his first year of preschool at Smart Start. What a great year with so many fun friends!

 photo IMG_5122_zpsf29e1fee.jpg

On his last day of school, his teacher Miss Erin painted his face so he could be a super hero. We played games, ate a cupcake and enjoyed being with our friends.

 photo IMG_5124_zpsc0a54b30.jpg

 photo IMG_5128_zps4673461a.jpg

We went to the Saturday Market with our favorites neighbors, Miss Sharon and Mr. Mark over Memorial weekend. We had so much fun with them and bought lots of yummy things!

 photo IMG_5159_zps5b76ca04.jpg

We went with the Allen family to Jump Creek for a hike on the Monday of Memorial day.

 photo IMG_7623_zps69431e7c.jpg

 photo IMG_7634_zpsf95f0f70.jpg

 photo IMG_7657_zpsf142156b.jpg

 photo IMG_7640_zps0d5418d0.jpg

 photo IMG_5172_zps9946e612.jpg

 photo IMG_5171_zps83d9f3a7.jpg

 photo IMG_7650_zpse7140fcb.jpg

After the hike we enjoyed a BBQ at the Allen's house complete with chicken kabobs, watermelon and hamburgers with krispy kreme donuts for buns. What a scrumptious dinner!

 photo IMG_7661_zps9f97f453.jpg

 photo IMG_7669_zpsb0771da5.png

We celebrated my dad's birthday just like we did last year, by making a German chocolate cake and eating it while we watched videos of Grandpa. We sure do miss him!

 photo IMG_5168_zps9774f1a3.jpg

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