Five Cute Kids

Five Cute Kids

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

This 'n That


I just found a bunch of pictures on Nathan's phone so take another look at this post!! I've included pictures from Nathan's grandma's funeral.

We've been plenty busy the past few months. Here are a few of the things that we captured with pictures.

Sarah, Andrew and I drove to Bend one Thursday evening in March to see Sophie and Alexa play a basketball game the next day. We completely surprised them by sneaking into their house while they were at school and leaving them a Good Luck basket.

 photo IMG_4771_zps2de4d7e3.jpg

 photo IMG_1873_zps77130af0.jpg

They won and went onto play in the state playoffs.

 photo IMG_2147_zps94d9eacc.jpg

Sarah, Andrew and Spencer had a piano recital and everyone did fabulous!

 photo IMG_4783_zpsa8e74970.jpg

Benjamin was awarded the Perseverance award at school because of his hard work in reading. Way to go, Benjamin!!

 photo IMG_7303_zpsdd7685b7.jpg

Spencer sang in a choir concert at Boise High School with several other schools.

 photo IMG_7058_zps9a19aa99.jpg

Our Spring was absolutely beautiful and our flowers were the best we've ever had!

 photo IMG_7341_zps726fe432.jpg

 photo IMG_7340_zps115c071e.jpg

Benjamin got to meet and hold Ryland, his 1st grade teacher's new baby boy. What a treat!!

 photo IMG_4763_zpsf50c2f0d.jpg

Levi's been doing soccer with Coach Steve and he LOVES it!

 photo IMG_4981_zps94d7d58a.jpg

 photo IMG_4979_zpsab56fc62.jpg

Benjamin has had a great season of soccer! He's made many goals and makes a great goalie.

 photo IMG_4865_zps20ff927e.jpg

 photo IMG_5016_zps6b2f54a7.jpg

Levi found this air pump in the garage one day and became a scuba diver for several days. He has a great imagination!

 photo IMG_7395_zps49b2099b.jpg

Andrew went out for track and did SUPER! He got many ribbons and went on to Regionals.

 photo IMG_4872_zps632cf9e2.jpg

Spencer made a video about using reusable bags for Earth day. He also made a video for a book report. He may go into acting soon.

 photo IMG_4881_zps5e4709db.jpg

Nathan loves having Fridays off so he can do fun things like wash windows.

 photo IMG_4930_zpsa4c54ed0.jpg

We celebrated Kaden's birthday with him at Big Al's. We bowled and ate delicious pizza and nachos.

 photo IMG_4986_zpsc668625b.jpg

Spencer participated in his Cub pack's Pinewood Derby.

 photo IMG_4996_zpsf694aa58.jpg

He got the Best Sports Theme Award with his BYU car.

 photo IMG_4999_zps426c3d78.jpg

He took 2nd place overall! Way to go, Spencer!!!

 photo IMG_5002_zps151d6013.jpg

Spencer participated in his final Choir performance for the school year. He really enjoyed Choir this year and did great!

 photo IMG_5009_zpsd5f79647.jpg

Nathan and Andrew went to Utah for General Conference weekend and attended two sessions - Saturday morning and Priesthood.

 photo IMG_7203_zps2bd219b4.jpg

Levi got to go to a very fun princess and pirate birthday party for his preschool friend, Ella.

 photo IMG_5017_zps5ac8f0e9.jpg

Nathan's sweet grandma passed away and we attended her funeral on April 4. She was 93 had lived such a full life. We are grateful that we were able to celebrate her birthday with her last December. She was a woman of so many talents and had a strong testimony of the Gospel. We will always appreciate her example of love and hard-working. Nathan did ALL of the flowers for the service. He made the casket piece, an arrangement from her 10 children, one from the grandchildren and another one from the great-grandchildren. The service was amazing and it was wonderful to have so many family members there to celebrate her life. The small town of Wendell was wonderful to feed our family of over 175 after the service. I heard that they didn't have to make one phone call asking for food for the luncheon as everyone in town loved Grandma Sarah and when they heard she had passed away, they called offering to bring food for her family.

 photo IMG_7180_zps6cd6b840.jpg

 photo IMG_7181_zps8f518349.jpg

 photo IMG_7197_zps368684ce.jpg

We love our fun and busy life!!

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