Five Cute Kids

Five Cute Kids

Thursday, June 30, 2016


The month of June began with Levi graduating from Kindergarten and the rest of the kids finishing another great year.

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We began our new "Summer Quest" of eating breakfast at new restaurants. The day after school got out, we tried The Egg Factory and everyone loved what they ordered.

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One day, Andrew found this "treasure" in our backyard and loved torturing Sarah with it. She was convinced he had put it in her car, but he had just put it in the trash. It was pretty creepy looking!

 photo IMG_8778_zpsdfc5j3bv.jpg

In order to have the extra money to register Sarah's new car and pay for the insurance, we decided to join in our neighborhood garage sale. Here is Levi with the "treasures" he found at our neighbor's sale...a bath robe and neck pillow. He thought he looked like Richie Rich and felt very rich. We made over $300 and was able to get Sarah's car ready for her to drive it.

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We took the boys fishing on National Free Fishing day. No one caught anything but had a fun time anyway.

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Sarah was invited to go on a very exciting adventure to Thailand. It was with a couple, Brad and Hailey Devine who are Youtube videographers who Sarah has admired for some time. The group consisted of about 40 people from the United States, Canada and Sweden.

Here is Sarah meeting up with the small group that was flying out of Salt Lake. She immediately connected with these girls and was very excited for her grand adventure.

 photo IMG_6418_zpsv9f0ergk.jpg

On her first day in the country, most of the group went to church and then explored part of the city of Bangkok.

 photo IMG_8829_zps7kjmbfek.jpg

 photo IMG_8839_zpsj3szuuru.jpg

The group met up with many LDS missionaries at an orphanage. They had all brought gifts for the children and part of the money they paid for the trip was donated to the orphanage. Sarah loved this day with the sweet children!

 photo IMG_8841_zpstg8sscwd.jpg

They visited several villages.

 photo IMG_8856_zpshkqykhzx.jpg

 photo IMG_8857_zpso43l5psi.jpg

Another one of Sarah's favorite days was spent with elephants. She was able to bath them and ride them. The group also donated money to this cause as many elephants are abused and this place rescues them.

 photo IMG_8876_zpseoiecghp.jpg

Watch her video of Thailand here! Pretty amazing, huh!!

Levi took swim lessons and learned SO much! He can now swim everywhere in the pool with confidence!

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Andrew started working at the neighborhood Snow Shack. He referred to himself as the "Snow King"!!

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Eating out for breakfast again...

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We drove to Mink Creek, ID for a Smith Family reunion at Aunt Lillian and Uncle Larry's new home. This was a barn close to where we slept.

 photo IMG_6498_zpsp8rlkkg5.jpg

This is where we slept with 3 other families. A total of 21 people and one bathroom...but it was memorable!!

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 photo IMG_8906_zpspyciltwb.jpg

 photo IMG_8916_zpshupjo0ra.jpg

We played lots of games, explored by the creek, Andrew and Ryker fished, ate LOTS of delicious food and visited with many family members!

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 photo IMG_6513_zpsqycgip45.jpg

Stayed the night at Little America in Salt Lake and ate breakfast there. Definitely one of our favorite breakfasts of the summer!!! We picked up Sarah from the airport and heard all about her adventures on our drive back to Boise.

 photo IMG_6526_zpswvjcjkld.jpg

 photo IMG_6532_zpsv9duhogu.jpg

Got some new t-shirts from Nathan's work.

 photo IMG_6578_zpsppfa9zka.jpg

Spencer (and Andrew) worked at Ball Manor doing yard maintenance and when Spencer got his first paycheck we took him to the bank so he could get his own cash card. Very exciting for him!

 photo IMG_6598_zpsgbyzzxjt.jpg

Sarah and I went to Girl's camp. Two nights and three days never felt so long! But, we really did have a wonderful time and loved being there together! I was the camp director and our theme was the Olympics. This is Sarah and her friend Sophie who were in charge of the first year girls. This was their skit and it was THE FUNNIEST SKIT I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!!! I'm super sad we didn't get it on video. The girls spent a lot of time at the water in boats and tubes and paddle boards. I'm pretty sure everyone had a wonderful time!

 photo HS Girls Camp 2016 125_zps3g5kxlls.jpg

June was very good to all of us!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Spring was wonderful this year! I love all the flowering trees in our neighborhood!

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The three youngest boys participated in Jump for Heart at their school and had a really fun time jumping the afternoon away!

 photo IMG_8525_zpsft0z1riw.jpg

Spencer went with his scout troop on a rock finding hike one early Saturday morning and had a great time! He came home with too many rocks!

 photo IMG_8545_zpsntss7ytc.jpg

Nonnie and Alexa came one weekend to watch Andrew play lacrosse and Spencer and Benjamin play football. The evening started out really nice...

 photo IMG_8564_zpsxbkotbzy.jpg

and it ended looking like this. We got completely soaked during Spencer's game but we were so glad they came!!

 photo IMG_8664_zpstnn3qqo0.jpg

The next day, Alexa, Nonnie and I went to the temple and then had lunch. Alexa's past Seminary teacher who lives in Twin Falls joined us.

 photo IMG_8566_zpso7ocy7f6.jpg

Benjamin's participated in a Pinewood derby. He didn't win but he had a great time and loved the treat!!

 photo IMG_8574_zpslxebcjrw.jpg

We finished up another successful season of flag football. Both boys were on fun teams and really grew and improved!

 photo IMG_8578_zpsssz6eqfe.jpg

 photo IMG_8583_zpsp7nrohfi.jpg

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Sarah had several paintings in her schools Art Show. We loved seeing all her paintings and a fun talent she has developed this year.

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 photo IMG_8610_zpsewj05ibu.jpg

 photo IMG_8614_zpsyu9dgynn.jpg

We went to Bend one weekend in May for Alexa's farewell. We helped with a pretty big pine needle clean up for Sophie's basketball team.

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 photo IMG_6198_zpsvpmum30c.jpg

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Spencer participated in several track meets. He did shot put, soccer ball throw, 90 yard dash, and coed relays. I was so proud of how well he did!!

 photo IMG_8522_zpsp9nlvzxw.jpg

Levi wanted so badly to lose a tooth at school so that he could go to the nurse's office and get a tooth tooth holder. His dream came true one day and he was super excited when we picked him up from school.

 photo IMG_8656_zpsn71hig9t.jpg

I played frisbee with Andrew and jammed my thumb. It hurt for several days and I had a good story to share.

 photo IMG_8668_zpsudyltuv1.jpg

 photo IMG_8669_zpstywl8voh.jpg

We enjoyed a neighborhood BBQ.

 photo IMG_8679_zpsdvc5yjvd.jpg

Andrew's lacrosse team went undefeated this season and won the championship game. It was very exciting and Andrew played really well!

 photo IMG_8589_zpsmg0lb0jc.jpg

 photo IMG_8690_zpsdx2c3aen.jpg

Spencer went to Outdoor school in McCall and had a super fun time. This is how he looked when he left...

 photo IMG_8698_zps8ofilsad.jpg

and this is how he looked four days later.

 photo IMG_8712_zps5tlvjfug.jpg

Levi had a field trip to the Whiting's farm. Nathan helped with the rockets and I was the horn blower. We all had a great time!

 photo IMG_8722_zpsyurdqhf4.jpg

We had our first swim of the season. Can't wait to use the pool this summer!!

 photo IMG_6306_zpsyxoxdbl8.jpg

Sarah got a car and boy howdy was she excited!!

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