Five Cute Kids

Five Cute Kids

Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Spring was wonderful this year! I love all the flowering trees in our neighborhood!

 photo IMG_8527_zpsufydvnvr.jpg

The three youngest boys participated in Jump for Heart at their school and had a really fun time jumping the afternoon away!

 photo IMG_8525_zpsft0z1riw.jpg

Spencer went with his scout troop on a rock finding hike one early Saturday morning and had a great time! He came home with too many rocks!

 photo IMG_8545_zpsntss7ytc.jpg

Nonnie and Alexa came one weekend to watch Andrew play lacrosse and Spencer and Benjamin play football. The evening started out really nice...

 photo IMG_8564_zpsxbkotbzy.jpg

and it ended looking like this. We got completely soaked during Spencer's game but we were so glad they came!!

 photo IMG_8664_zpstnn3qqo0.jpg

The next day, Alexa, Nonnie and I went to the temple and then had lunch. Alexa's past Seminary teacher who lives in Twin Falls joined us.

 photo IMG_8566_zpso7ocy7f6.jpg

Benjamin's participated in a Pinewood derby. He didn't win but he had a great time and loved the treat!!

 photo IMG_8574_zpslxebcjrw.jpg

We finished up another successful season of flag football. Both boys were on fun teams and really grew and improved!

 photo IMG_8578_zpsssz6eqfe.jpg

 photo IMG_8583_zpsp7nrohfi.jpg

 photo IMG_8586_zpsspy0qjmy.jpg

Sarah had several paintings in her schools Art Show. We loved seeing all her paintings and a fun talent she has developed this year.

 photo IMG_8609_zpsehaf5yex.jpg

 photo IMG_8610_zpsewj05ibu.jpg

 photo IMG_8614_zpsyu9dgynn.jpg

We went to Bend one weekend in May for Alexa's farewell. We helped with a pretty big pine needle clean up for Sophie's basketball team.

 photo IMG_8627_zpsmc488z7k.jpg

 photo IMG_6198_zpsvpmum30c.jpg

 photo IMG_6199_zpst8yehamr.jpg

 photo IMG_6196_zpseeseyvjk.jpg

 photo DSC_7014_zpsj4ksgxgg.jpg

Spencer participated in several track meets. He did shot put, soccer ball throw, 90 yard dash, and coed relays. I was so proud of how well he did!!

 photo IMG_8522_zpsp9nlvzxw.jpg

Levi wanted so badly to lose a tooth at school so that he could go to the nurse's office and get a tooth tooth holder. His dream came true one day and he was super excited when we picked him up from school.

 photo IMG_8656_zpsn71hig9t.jpg

I played frisbee with Andrew and jammed my thumb. It hurt for several days and I had a good story to share.

 photo IMG_8668_zpsudyltuv1.jpg

 photo IMG_8669_zpstywl8voh.jpg

We enjoyed a neighborhood BBQ.

 photo IMG_8679_zpsdvc5yjvd.jpg

Andrew's lacrosse team went undefeated this season and won the championship game. It was very exciting and Andrew played really well!

 photo IMG_8589_zpsmg0lb0jc.jpg

 photo IMG_8690_zpsdx2c3aen.jpg

Spencer went to Outdoor school in McCall and had a super fun time. This is how he looked when he left...

 photo IMG_8698_zps8ofilsad.jpg

and this is how he looked four days later.

 photo IMG_8712_zps5tlvjfug.jpg

Levi had a field trip to the Whiting's farm. Nathan helped with the rockets and I was the horn blower. We all had a great time!

 photo IMG_8722_zpsyurdqhf4.jpg

We had our first swim of the season. Can't wait to use the pool this summer!!

 photo IMG_6306_zpsyxoxdbl8.jpg

Sarah got a car and boy howdy was she excited!!

 photo IMG_8752_zpsheijxhfp.jpg

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