Five Cute Kids

Five Cute Kids

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Spring Break

Since our last big family vacation didn't go like I'd planned, I was a bit anxious about planning our trip for Spring Break. I really wanted to take our kids to see the Grand Canyon and see some sights along the way. I thought it would be good to do a hike in Zion's National park and since we were going to be close, I knew that Nathan would love to take us to Las Vegas. So, we made a few calls to visit friends and family along the way and set off on another grand adventure (with our fingers crossed for better luck this time)!

Our adventures started on Friday at the beginning of the kids Spring Break. We drove to south of Salt Lake for our first stop at Scheel's. I think everyone found a fun treasure to buy (but Sarah) and even tried to sleep in it.

 photo IMG_1720_zpsrl02zpdi.jpg

 photo IMG_1723_zpseblmikug.jpg

 photo IMG_1725_zpsqnf6kurv.jpg

The next day we spent with our dear friends, the Burket's who moved from our neighborhood to Daybreak, Utah last summer. We have missed them terribly so it was fabulous to spend the day holding their new sweet baby, Grace, catching up with them and seeing the new, beautiful home they JUST moved into (five days before we got there). We did go to a very fun and creative museum, The Museum of Natural Curiosity at Thanksgiving Point. We all loved it and Andrew was brave to try the High Ropes coarse.

 photo IMG_1728_zpsluozbkzm.jpg

 photo IMG_1907_zpsunuoyc7t.jpg

 photo IMG_1736_zpsurcmbob2.jpg

 photo IMG_1751_zpsezbiylmz.jpg

 photo IMG_1759_zpszzw2dgde.jpg

 photo IMG_1765_zps87y19fyn.jpg

 photo IMG_1771_zpsklrnn6wk.jpg

 photo IMG_1789_zps7tjvemfe.jpg

 photo IMG_1779_zpsgvststxu.jpg

 photo IMG_1802_zpssfxyqyw6.jpg

 photo IMG_6956_zpsnsv1b4ym.jpg

All evening we enjoyed pizza,visiting, playing and walking around their fun neighborhood with this darling family and we are thrilled they let us spend the day with them!! (Yes, this photo is horribly blurry but hey, we're still learning how to use the selfie-stick.)

 photo IMG_1905_zpsduqkhdn3.jpg

Since Mark's parents (my sister's husband) live so close to the Burkets, we decided to drop in on them and visit. We haven't seen them for several years so it was fun to see them and their house which is right down the street from the Oquirrh Mountain temple.

 photo IMG_2036_zpsfjp4xxiu.jpg

Sunday morning we woke up early and headed into Salt Lake to Temple Square. Everyone but Levi and me went into the Tabernacle to watch Music and the Spoken Word. Levi and I watched it in a big theater in the visitor center. We walked around looking at all the displays and beautiful flowers. It was a wonderful morning.

 photo IMG_1816_zpstkzvnv8s.jpg

 photo IMG_1818_zpssur5efvl.jpg

 photo IMG_1819_zpsvnlwwp7c.jpg

 photo IMG_1853_zpskplitkro.jpg

 photo IMG_1854_zpsgsx4uvpg.jpg

 photo IMG_1858_zpsfkjbdt0k.jpg

 photo IMG_1886_zps5k8jx4to.jpg

We drove to St. George Sunday afternoon and ate dinner with my Aunt Jan and Uncle Jerry. They had waffles, strawberries and ICE CREAM waiting for us when we arrived. Our kids thought that ice cream was the coolest things they'd ever been served for dinner. We walked up to the St. George temple and walked through the visitor centers. We ended up watching Meet the Mormons and had a wonderful evening.

 photo IMG_1892_zpsakrenkir.jpg

 photo IMG_1901_zpsxk5dslts.jpg

 photo IMG_1903_zpswitqm3fq.jpg

Monday morning we got up early and headed up to Zion's National park. We had planned on hiking with several other families but it just didn't work out. We first started going into the park and didn't really know what we were doing so we ended up driving through a tunnel and then turning back around and driving through it again to get back to where the hikes start. We hiked to Emerald Pools first and then to Weeping Rock. Both hikes were really beautiful and you just can't beat the views in the park. The red rocks are beautiful and the weather was perfect!

 photo IMG_1928_zps2skpwasd.jpg

 photo IMG_1956_zpsrpwrpdmq.jpg

 photo IMG_1957_zpsqylb85wt.jpg

 photo IMG_1962_zpsqs968rdh.jpg

 photo IMG_6984_zpsgc609jyu.jpg

 photo IMG_1994_zps7qd3ipd4.jpg

 photo IMG_1998_zpsfeo01cpk.jpg

 photo IMG_6986_zpspa2doouu.jpg

 photo IMG_6988_zpspfpkwwm5.jpg

 photo IMG_2007_zpsrehx3pah.jpg

 photo IMG_2021_zpsjrqml3vl.jpg

 photo IMG_2023_zpslfhob72b.jpg

 photo IMG_6983_zpspo143epj.jpg

 photo IMG_1949_zpsxke3sydv.jpg

Monday evening we had planned on meeting the Boettcher family at a place called Nielsen Frozen Custard. As we were waiting in line to order, two other families from Boise walked in and we enjoyed eating the yummiest custard with friends from home. Very fun!!

 photo IMG_2033_zpsywoxuyx7.jpg

The next morning we didn't feel like driving almost five hours to see the Grand Canyon and then another five hours to Las Vegas so we completely changed our plans for the day and instead visited Brigham Young's Winter home and had a tour. Then we enjoyed a picnic lunch in downtown St. George, played in the fountain and explored at the Children's Museum.

 photo IMG_2039_zps43rlccso.jpg

 photo IMG_2058_zpsrbq6rdsg.jpg

 photo IMG_7014_zps9jkhtnrd.jpg

 photo IMG_7012_zpsoha2ddmw.jpg

 photo IMG_7021_zpsssncdct7.jpg

 photo IMG_2070_zpsnep88zvg.jpg

Before heading out of St. George, we stopped at Swig for some refreshment! Yum! Yum!

 photo IMG_7024_zpsjwogyw1o.jpg

 photo IMG_7029_zpsn8aqvbvl.jpg

Our next destination was Las Vegas. We were given a recommendation for the Tahiti Resort from a friend and I have to say, it was one of our favorite things about our stay. This was the view from our suite and it almost felt like we were in Tahiti. There was a lazy river where we floated for awhile and then we went to the other pool which was huge and had a sandy beach. We wish we could have stayed a week. It was truly dreamy!

 photo IMG_2106_zpsjyepwfly.jpg

 photo IMG_2072_zpscnyhrtjo.jpg

 photo IMG_2075_zpsh40qql9e.jpg

 photo f6e87acf-fa37-4ece-91c8-f0aaed97a6f6_zpskkvvrupv.jpg

 photo IMG_2078_zpsjeahb1a4.jpg

That evening we took the shuttle from our resort and headed to the strip where Andrew found a car that he'd like to buy someday. Spencer and Benjamin found some new friends and we finally found the flamingos after walking what felt like 10 miles.

 photo IMG_2084_zpstrxwynsm.jpg

 photo IMG_2086_zpspdzjxwss.jpg

 photo IMG_2087_zpsq5fvdu0u.jpg

 photo IMG_2088_zpsyrlhtj8o.jpg

We walked a long way to see the beautiful gardens and the chandelier called Fiori di Como by glass sculptor Dale Chihuly at the Bellagio. We watched the fountains at the Bellagio and also the volcano at the Mirage. There was SO much to see and our senses were all on over-load!

 photo IMG_2092_zpss5ip4jqe.jpg

 photo IMG_2093_zpsxymnetj4.jpg

 photo IMG_2099_zpstxyzg4nt.jpg

 photo IMG_2102_zps95wkspuo.jpg

 photo IMG_2103_zpss0jiczaf.jpg

The next day we headed back to the strip and spent a lot of time at the M&M store. It's four stories high with everything M&M you can imagine. We aren't really M&M people, but after visiting that store, we are now!

 photo IMG_2111_zps9slhi9p7.jpg

 photo IMG_2112_zpsnvbokdpa.jpg

 photo IMG_2114_zps5wtwilrs.jpg

 photo IMG_2115_zpsamnivfih.jpg

 photo IMG_2124_zpsd2elpqz4.jpg

 photo IMG_2125_zpsbwlhosu4.jpg

 photo IMG_2127_zps9ydbyrqj.jpg

 photo IMG_2148_zpsar2g3rpx.jpg

Then we crossed the street and found more chocolate at Hershey's!!

 photo IMG_2187_zpsu4v67hyb.jpg

 photo IMG_7043_zpsjhr3kgfh.jpg

 photo IMG_2260_zpshojcclfr.jpg

 photo IMG_2261_zpsxpvtqfhg.jpg

 photo IMG_7048_zpshuyyq5gn.jpg

 photo IMG_2262_zpsxs8jleq0.jpg

 photo IMG_2259_zpsyup6nvdr.jpg

We ate a delicious lunch in New York-New York and had a lengthy discussion about the purchasing of new Swatches. The three youngest boys had actually been asking for watches several weeks before our trip. As we were walking in New York-New York, Nathan and I had to stop in the Swatch store and tell the kids about the fashion trends of our youth. Everyone picked one out that they loved and then we discussed if they loved it enough to pay for half (Christmas money was still in their savings account). As you can see, they all loved their Swatch enough to part with their money.

 photo IMG_2178_zpsay78bz88.jpg

 photo IMG_2179_zps0dt0omwu.jpg

 photo IMG_2185_zps7j2bgwsy.jpg

 photo IMG_2186_zpsbak15d7a.jpg

We spent the afternoon swimming and laying around the pool before heading back to the strip. We went to the Venician and dad and the youngest three went on a gondola ride. They all loved it! The rest of us found really fun stores that we don't have in Boise!

 photo IMG_2256_zps7ufteptu.jpg

 photo IMG_2203_zpsokdpzyar.jpg

 photo IMG_2204_zps6ubdsxuy.jpg

 photo IMG_2252_zpsmqzirsly.jpg

 photo IMG_2210_zpsaatouqiw.jpg

 photo IMG_2254_zpsqkqasnlh.jpg

We decided we needed to spend one more morning on the strip before leaving. It really is amazing. Everything there is OVER-THE-TOP!!

 photo IMG_2213_zpsqwtvygyr.jpg

 photo IMG_2216_zpsvnym7yz6.jpg

More shopping.

 photo IMG_2258_zpsx3vifvx7.jpg

 photo IMG_2217_zps9nbnoyna.jpg

 photo IMG_2220_zpsvxkpdr8v.jpg

Totally exhausted from all the fun!

 photo IMG_2221_zpslqgzslb4.jpg

And more shopping.

 photo IMG_2242_zpscf10vqjt.jpg

This was taken as we were driving out of town. Good bye, Vegas. We had a great time visiting and are already planning our next trip!

 photo IMG_2244_zpseiubuatp.png

On our second to last day of vacation, we met another family that's very dear to us, the Merchant's at Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake. It was a beautiful day and so nice to visit and catch up since we saw them last summer. Love and miss that fun family!!

 photo IMG_2296_zpsdn7q1ofa.jpg

 photo IMG_2251_zpsgaxq6opf.jpg

 photo IMG_2264_zpsaxdv4wnk.jpg

 photo IMG_2277_zpss8me2qjw.jpg

 photo IMG_7074_zpsdzf4akle.jpg

 photo IMG_7076_zpshxw6uwql.jpg

 photo IMG_2281_zps4wjnkln1.jpg

On our very last day of our trip, we met my brother and his family at Hill Air Force Base Museum. Wow, was it an amazing place!! The kids loved seeing all the planes and even got to visit with an artist that draws the planes at the museum. It was so fun to visit with Jon, Heidi, Palmer and Caleb! Thanks so much for showing us this great museum!!

 photo IMG_2309_zpsuta2v5j2.jpg

 photo IMG_2313_zpsqyyiqdw7.jpg

 photo IMG_7080_zpsofstedz2.jpg

 photo IMG_2307_zps255q5ow3.jpg

As you can see, it was a jam-packed week. We had a blast and can't wait to go again. This week will definitely be remembered as one of our very favorite family vacations...EVER! (I can't tell you how relieved I am!!!)

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