Five Cute Kids

Five Cute Kids

Monday, August 11, 2014

Our Never-to-be-Forgotten Trip to the Redwoods

I had planned and talked about our trip to the Redwoods for months. It was going to be the best vacation of the summer! I had done plenty of research to know what we should do along the way and what to do when we got to the Redwoods. I had arranged to rent a trailer in Bend and had reserved the perfect campsite at Patrick's Point on the Northern California Coast in the Redwoods. I knew it was going to be a vacation we'd always remember!

Our first stop was to pick up our trailer. I had reserved it months ago and was told I needed to make sure that our car had a special brake system. I thought we had the brake system but as it turned out, we didn't so luckily they had a smaller trailer that we were able to rent. We hurried back to my mom's house, picked up a tent, pads and sleeping bags since the trailer wouldn't sleep all of us. No problem, we were still ready for a grand adventure.

 photo IMG_5647_zps5e2b2a00.jpg

Our first stop was Crater Lake just a couple of hours south of Bend. It did take us a bit longer to get there and since we had had a later start in the morning, I was getting a little nervous about getting to the Redwoods before dark. (Our brake lights worked on the trailer but the lights for night driving didn't. A fuse or something wasn't working on our car...the trailer was fine.) So, we got out at Crater Lake, admired the beauty and wonder of it, ate lunch and then got back on the road. Oh, and there was about half an hour road construction around the rim of the lake so that added some time to our travels so I didn't feel that we had time to do a hike down to the water.

 photo IMG_8488_zps0f2fd7a6.jpg

The only "big city" along the way was Grants Pass, OR and for some reason (inspiration) Nathan thought it would be a good idea to eat dinner there before going on. It was only 4 in the afternoon and we still had a long way to go, but we stopped at Taco Bell and had dinner. We didn't take long because I was really antsy to get there. We were soon driving along outside of Grants Pass when our car started having problems and then not long after that, it didn't have any power. We pulled over and tried both reverse and drive but neither worked. We said a prayer and then I called AAA. They said they would send out a tow truck as soon as possible. It took about an hour for the tow truck to rescue us. Ron picked us up and was able to take our car and trailer. Ron, our tow truck guy was really nice and had even called ahead and reserved us a spot at the local RV park. Nathan had felt impressed to have the car towed to a dealership although my mom had texted us the name of a mechanic in Grants Pass. We had to wait awhile for a taxi to come pick up Nathan, Sarah and Andrew since we all couldn't fit in the tow truck. Ron wouldn't leave them until the taxi arrived - he really was a nice guy!

 photo IMG_8492_zps6ac064e9.jpg

 photo IMG_5588_zpsee42cd5a.jpg

 photo IMG_5589_zps19dc1cc5.jpg

We drove into the RV park just before dark. Ron unhooked our trailer and Nathan went with him to the dealership to drop off the car. I was greeted by the man at the RV park and was asked to pay $32.50 for our night's stay. He told us about the "Comfort Station", showers and bathrooms. I sent Andrew and Spencer to walk around to see if there was someplace for them to play (there wasn't) and since there wasn't anything else to do, they played Monopoly in the comfort station until Nathan got back. We set up the tent and then settled in for the night.

The next day, Nathan got up early in hopes that being at the dealership when it opened would help with getting our car in sooner to be looked at. The kids mostly hung out at the comfort station playing games, working out on the pilates machine and watching Disney XD. During sometime in the morning I got the news from Nathan that it would cost around $3500 to have our car fixed (the car was only worth $3800) but that it wouldn't be done until Saturday. That wasn't going to work for us because the trailer had to be returned by Thursday as someone else had already reserved it for the weekend. While Nathan had been waiting for the car to be looked at he had checked out the cars they had at the dealership. On the whole lot, there were two white suburbans. One was older and fancier with one less seat and the other one was newer, not as fancy and had seating for 8. We both said many prayers throughout the day to know what would be best for our family and situation. We were unsure if we would qualify for a car loan as Nathan had bought a new car earlier this year. Our day was full of waiting and praying. When we were finally told that we qualified and got a really good rate, I walked over to the dealership with Nathan to sign the papers. We hadn't told the kids that there was a possibility of a new car because if it hadn't worked out, we didn't want them to be disappointed. After signing all the papers, we drove into the RV park with a brand new (to us) Suburban and the kids were THRILLED to say the least. (Especially since we've never owned a car with a TV in it and this car had two.) It was around 3pm so we quickly hooked up the trailer, said our goodbyes to all the kind people we met at the RV park and headed off to find a movie to watch before setting off for our final destination, the Redwoods.

 photo IMG_8496_zps93a1e574.jpg

 photo IMG_8494_zpsce3e00b4.jpg

Here is picture of mile marker 17 where we broke down. You can barely see it but we wanted to have a reminder of our time there.

 photo IMG_8503_zps3fe38714.jpg

You can imagine our relief when we saw the Welcome to California sign. There were so many times when we wondered if we would ever make it to the Redwoods and we were getting closer. Soon after getting to the coast, we saw LOTS of Roosevelt Elk. They were often right along the highway laying down or grazing. There would always be tons of cars pulled off and we would spot the many cars before spotting the elk.

 photo IMG_5590_zpsa270f35b.jpg

 photo IMG_5592_zps1b8812ff.jpg

 photo IMG_5591_zpsa80493b7.jpg

 photo IMG_5593_zps593dd119.jpg

Luckily, Nathan felt another impression that we should stop for gas when we saw this place. We wouldn't have made it if we hadn't had stopped as there were no other gas station along the way. It was very surprising to us that there were no bigger stores along the coast. They only had privately owned, very small (and scary and old) grocery stores. Look at that gas pump. It was just crazy!!

 photo IMG_8506_zps0cbb1cd1.jpg

 photo IMG_8509_zpsf2411d69.jpg

It was dark when we pulled into Patrick's point and Nathan took a picture of the map of the campground with his camera so we could locate our spot. We were number 99 in the Agate Beach Campground.

 photo IMG_8512_zps19ca64db.jpg

Since it was late we set up the tent, found the closest bathroom and then settled in for the night as we were all exhausted from our stressful day.
The next morning we were woken up with Levi throwing up and Spencer was soon to follow. Mom, Spencer and Levi stayed at the trailer while everyone else went to find the beach. Here are some pictures Nathan took on the hike to the beach.

 photo IMG_8543_zps896da190.jpg

 photo IMG_8520_zps1bece8af.jpg

 photo IMG_8524_zpsc165c29c.jpg

 photo IMG_8535_zpsc506dad3.jpg

 photo IMG_8542_zps98a067f1.jpg

 photo IMG_8544_zps5b7ff746.jpg

 photo IMG_8529_zps3b84009e.jpg

There were bushes of berries and banana slugs everywhere in the campground.

 photo IMG_8549_zps2858a7f2.jpg

The throw ups subsided by poor Levi had a bad case of diarrhea, so Nathan and I drove to the nearest town of Trinidad and found a small grocery store that sold anti-diarrhea medicine and pull-ups. I think he sat on the toilet the entire time we were gone and he was NOT happy about wearing pull-ups but we only had ONE day in the Redwoods and we definitely didn't want to sit around.

 photo IMG_8554_zps8b9873b4.jpg

We had been told by several people that we should go to Fern Canyon. It was definitely one of our favorite places and we loved the adventure of walking through a canyon that was covered with beautiful ferns. Man alive it was beautiful and we loved walking through the creek or jumping over logs. It was awesome!

 photo IMG_8562_zps2520b6ad.jpg

 photo IMG_8569_zpsac7c145e.jpg

 photo IMG_5607_zps758b5ec1.jpg

 photo IMG_8582_zps205d1c13.jpg

 photo IMG_8574_zps62066981.jpg

 photo IMG_5609_zps502031bc.jpg

 photo IMG_8586_zps3a03ab31.jpg

 photo IMG_8589_zps104d3c10.jpg

 photo IMG_8591_zpsfa87e07b.jpg

 photo IMG_5610_zps67a1ad3a.jpg

Once we got out of the canyon we saw more elk. This one was right next to the parking lot and wasn't leary of the crowds.

 photo IMG_5614_zpse78fa705.jpg

Next, we headed north to Prairie Creek Visitor Center. The park ranger there suggested a hike and if we found the hidden message along the trail the kids would be able to earn a patch.

 photo IMG_8610_zps1d1e5840.jpg

This tree is called Chimney redwood and it is really amazing because the entire center is burned but it continues to grow. We could all fit inside plus the kids figured our trailer might fit too.

 photo IMG_8614_zps15763875.jpg

 photo IMG_8624_zps6c37ae84.jpg

We were told the hike was a little over two miles and it was absolutely beautiful. We did have a map but I struggled to know where we were and how far we still needed to go.

 photo IMG_8628_zps5a934b3b.jpg

We crossed a busy street on our hike and found the Big Tree. We decided to continue on the hike since everyone was feeling fine.

 photo IMG_8635_zps7af1cb7a.jpg

We just couldn't get over the grandeur and beauty of those tall trees.

 photo IMG_8640_zps51fcc48c.jpg

Someone might have really wanted some redwood to take home with them but was told it may be against the law.

 photo IMG_8642_zps24b8c39c.jpg

I won't go into details but the pictures says it all. After returning to the park station and looking at a map we figured we walked about six miles on our hike. Pretty good for two kiddos that had been throwing up that same morning.

 photo IMG_8649_zps0ce4371f.jpg

After our beautiful and long hike we headed back to our campsite for a dinner of roasting hotdogs and making s'mores before heading down to the beach.

 photo IMG_8654_zps0040c61c.jpg

 photo IMG_8656_zps2c14f0d9.jpg

 photo IMG_8657_zpseb334c42.jpg

 photo IMG_8659_zps016650c7.jpg

 photo IMG_5620_zps41d4f6b2.jpg

One thing I loved about our campsite was that we could hear the ocean. I love the sound of the ocean. This is a view from about 100 feet from our campsite before walking down the steep trail to the beach. Since I hadn't gone down earlier in the day I had no idea how steep it was.

 photo IMG_8668_zps38feb2ad.jpg

If you look at the very top that is where the campground was. It was a long, steep walk to the beach and then once we got there I started to have major anxiety when our kids were jumping the waves. The only way to describe it was that the ocean sounded angry and the waves crashed big making me fear that the kids would be pulled out to sea. It didn't help that a lady walking by told me a story about a family who tried to save their dog last year and all three of the family members drowned (the dog survived). After hearing that story, I told the kids they couldn't play in the water and instead we buried Andrew and Benjamin in the fun pebbles that lined the beach. Spencer and I looked for agates and shells but just found pretty rocks.

 photo IMG_5631_zps2c25963d.jpg

 photo IMG_5625_zpsfcf48366.jpg

 photo IMG_5630_zps11ee5236.jpg

 photo IMG_8677_zps9ced29b0.jpg

Since we knew it would be a long drive we got up early, got packed up and headed back to Bend. We wanted to go to the tree you could drive through, so we took the exit, unhitched our trailer and then drove to the tree. I got out and took the pictures (remember my yucky photo setting is still on) and we thought about driving through it several times but then we just couldn't do it. It seemed a little too tight for our comfort. I'm sure had we still had our old car we wouldn't have thought twice about driving through it, but we just couldn't with a new car.

 photo IMG_5639_zps24ce2eaf.jpg

 photo IMG_5637_zps618a7905.jpg

We had planned on spending an afternoon at Trees of Mystery but since our trip was shortened by a day spent in Grants Pass we just stopped and got a picture with Paul Bunyan and Babe the blue ox.

 photo IMG_5642_zps6775c860.jpg

When we got back home and friends asked us how our trip was, we told them all about our adventures and that we only bought one souvenir the entire trip - a new car. This definitely will always be our never-to-be-forgotten trip to the Redwoods.

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