Five Cute Kids

Five Cute Kids

Monday, October 3, 2016


Page One Power (Nathan's work) hosted a party at the Hawk's Stadium. We got to have a hamburger or hotdog dinner and then watch the baseball game. It was a really fun evening for our family! Levi especially loved playing baseball with a bunch of kids while Spencer and Benjamin were determined to catch a fly ball. I think all three of the boys went home with a baseball.

 photo IMG_7444_zpspapdzk5y.jpg

 photo IMG_7450_zps2xvzlon5.jpg

 photo IMG_7452_zpsszzuhfry.jpg

We went to Sun Valley for Labor day weekend. We watched the Wagon day parade and was so impressed with this beautiful, old wagon.

 photo IMG_9426_zpsaoyiywzl.jpg

Levi found our names on license plates at the toy store near the Sun Valley Inn.

 photo IMG_9399_zpslkkg8ywd.jpg

We all LOVED staying at the Inn with shopping close by and the grounds looked amazing!

 photo IMG_9403_zpskmcnolwe.jpg

 photo IMG_9418_zpsskjytxga.jpg

Saturday night we went to the Sun Valley Lodge Ice show and buffet. The buffet was definitely the best I've EVER eaten!!! The ice show was super fun to watch and we all thoroughly enjoyed our evening!!! We got to meet the 2014 Olympic Gold Medalist for Skate dancing.

 photo IMG_9421_zpsy6nc82xw.jpg

 photo IMG_9420_zpsbfscjbzr.jpg

Take a good look at Nathan's plate. Those desserts were to die for!!!

 photo IMG_9424_zpseww83oyv.jpg

 photo IMG_9422_zpsbxbt21mp.jpg

Monday morning we went out to a yummy breakfast at Perry's. Nathan remembers going here when he lived here 20 years ago.

 photo IMG_9425_zps0fpbwho5.jpg

 photo IMG_7523_zpsjytxikzg.jpg

We ALL loved Sun Valley!!!

 photo IMG_9957_zpshkhogwei.jpg

 photo IMG_7529_zpscmkwt2r8.jpg

 photo IMG_9429_zps6z7l7sry.jpg

Andrew found an incredible deal on these skis and used his hard earned summer money to buy them! He was one happy boy!!

 photo IMG_9423_zpsta0ybgco.jpg

We found these at the toy store and decided Benjamin needed them when he went Pokemon Going!!

 photo IMG_9413_zpswh51wteq.jpg

We can't wait to go again to Sun Valley!!

Someone decided to cut his own hair.

 photo IMG_9450_zpsqfaglhxo.jpg

Nathan decided to "fix" it.

 photo IMG_7632_zpsyzwwujlp.jpg

The middle of the month, I flew to Pennsylvania to visit Jayna, Ryan and their kids. Wonderful friends of Jayna's watched Will while the girls were at school and Jayna and I explored downtown Pittsburgh. We began our first day at the Duquesne Incline and rode it up. We loved the gorgeous view from the top! I was super impressed with Pittsburgh and all of its history. This is where Lewis and Clark began their journey out west. We went downtown to "the strip" (which is nothing like the strip in Vegas) and did lots of shopping and had one of my favorite lunches - pizza rolls and gelato. We also went to a super hip borough, Sewickley, PA. It had great shops and good places to eat! This was one of my favorite places that we explored!

 photo IMG_9471_zpsqq0qgtg1.jpg

 photo IMG_9536_zpszhpbit1t.jpg

 photo IMG_9474_zpsk1nsaarq.jpg

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 photo IMG_9475_zpsbd0vbkqn.jpg

I had to take a selfie with Sheetz gas station in the background. It felt that Sheetz were on every street corner in the Pittsburgh area. I went inside one of them and watched as people were ordering their food on a computer screen. I decided I should at least try it out and when I saw mac and cheese deep fried with cheetos, I had to try them. Jayna and I both thought they were pretty good!!!

 photo IMG_9535_zpsvh8oybto.jpg

 photo IMG_9482_zpsh58grx9o.jpg

On our second day, Jayna and I left her family being well taken care of with Ryan and began our journey east. We didn't make it far, but stopped in Ligonier, PA where the French and Indian War was fought. Jayna had actually never been inside the Fort and since I love this kind of history, we spent our morning taking the tour. We both loved it! We also walked around downtown Ligonier and did a little shopping. We enjoyed a yummy lunch here as well. This is me with George Washington's pistols that he used in the Revolutionary War.

 photo IMG_9502_zpsc8rl8rbn.jpg

 photo IMG_9538_zpsz5hf3nxj.jpg

 photo IMG_9508_zpsqrbyibj2.jpg

 photo IMG_9509_zpsyxsk4baa.jpg

 photo IMG_9503_zpsm46j3ztz.jpg

 photo IMG_9504_zps2kaisblu.jpg

Our next stop was the Memorial for Flight 93. I'm so grateful that we got to stop here and feel the amazing spirit at this memorial. We walked around both inside at the museum part and down below where the actual memorial is. Wow!!! Such a feeling of reverence and respect for the lives lost in this field in Pennsylvania!

 photo IMG_9497_zpsoeyxv30o.jpg

We continued on and finally around dinner time made it to Lancaster County to see Amish country. We were hungry so we decided to have true authentic Amish food. We sat around a table with 10 other people and ate our dinner "family style". It was delicious and the company was so fun! We laughed and stuffed ourselves with shoo-fly pie! So fun!

 photo IMG_9505_zpswtncrdsu.jpg

 photo IMG_9501_zpsltkgj7qd.jpg

We finally made it to the home we were staying late at night. This picture was taken the next morning. It used to be the general store for this town and where we slept was the old post office. So cool!!

 photo IMG_9520_zpss6uvd8fd.jpg

We saw tons of buggies being pulled with horses. We did a lot of shopping in Bird-in-Hand and got shoo-fly pie for both of our families.

 photo IMG_9521_zps6tsksasn.jpg

 photo IMG_9522_zpsazbdbkxl.jpg

 photo IMG_9541_zpsxthhymcq.jpg

I am thrilled to be able to say that I went to Hershey, Pennsylvania. Again, we did a lot of shopping and smelling of chocolate and then make the journey back to her family.

 photo IMG_9544_zpsbapazlmm.jpg

 photo IMG_9545_zpsrphfwrbm.jpg

I took Norah and Eliza to the cute drive inn at the end of their street for ice cream. A very nice man was at the drive inn and let the girls take a picture with his car. So fun! They live in a very interesting neighborhood. Here are a couple of houses on Jayna's block.

 photo IMG_9552_zpsmmkefhgv.jpg

 photo IMG_9557_zpspkrwjcux.jpg

 photo IMG_9555_zpst29spltd.jpg

 photo IMG_9586_zpsclufh8yx.jpg

 photo IMG_9587_zpsbegc4pjz.jpg

Jayna took me to college where Ryan has been going to school for the past two years. It has a beautiful campus and this church is so impressive!!

 photo IMG_9585_zpshzz1mqgu.jpg

A HUGE thank you to everyone who made this trip so wonderful!!! Thank you to Nathan for taking care of the kids while I was away (Miss Sharon, too)! Thank you to Nonnie for paying for our cute place to sleep in Lancaster County. Thank you to Eliza, Norah and Will for letting me have your mom for three whole days!!! Thank you to Ryan for letting Jayna and I have our first "sisters getaway" EVER as moms!!! Thank you to Jayna for being the perfect hostess (she always is) and taking me everywhere I wanted to go and plus some! You truly made this one of the best vacations of my life, filled with tons of laughing, talking and delicious food!!!!! You are the BEST!!!! These were the color coded daily instructions, spelling lists, school carnival flyer and library activity invite that I left for the family. They did a great job running the house while I was gone but I do think they were happy to see me when I returned!

 photo IMG_9561_zpsa9dn3qor.jpg

One Friday night, Andrew and his cousin, Jack were penny boarding (like skateboarding but its shorter) down Bogus Basin and Andrew crashed...BIG TIME. He called me to tell me he had broke his arm, but I didn't really believe him because he sounded so calm and not like he was really hurting that bad. I was pretty sure that it was broken, but I made him wait until Monday and then I took him to the doctor's. Sure enough, both bones were broken. He got a full cast put on and proudly showed it off...for a few days and then that darn cast was no fun!

 photo IMG_9590_zps1c3tpcmw.jpg

 photo IMG_9604_zpsmlg1gav4.jpg

Oh, September...thank you for being so memorable and having such fun adventures!!

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