Five Cute Kids

Five Cute Kids

Monday, February 24, 2014

Disneyland (Day 1)

I {heart} Disneyland!! It is my favorite place on earth! I love taking our kids there and seeing their eyes light up as we enter the park and the smiles on their faces until they put their heads on the pillow at night! I LOVE it!! We got to go the second week of February. It was a dream come true! The weather was PERFECT the whole time we were there and the crowds were minimal. I couldn't have asked for anything else to make this one of our very best vacations - EVER!!

We ordered Disney pins off Ebay before the trip and let them divvy them out the night before going into the park. They all loved trading pins with the cast members.

 photo DSC_0768_zpsf18e876b.jpg

 photo DSC_0774_zpse8714bb9.jpg

 photo 52622410002_zpsc5167b91.jpg

Star Tours was our first ride and we all loved it. The last time we were here it was being renovated and they have all new videos...infact, they have 54 different ways you can experience the ride now. We went on this ride many more times because it was easy to get fast passes and everyone in the family loved it.

 photo DSC_0777_zpsf669f024.jpg

Next we went on Autopia and I LOVED it! Levi drove and I just enjoyed the ride. Yep, that's me - thoroughly loving the fact that I am IN Disneyland!!

 photo IMG_4621_zps26fae97d.jpg

 photo DSC_0792_zps5d593f38.jpg

 photo DSC_0779_zps23fcbeac.jpg

Sarah got her first experience of "real driving".

 photo DSC_0782_zps46c38a62.jpg

Andrew went on Matterhorn Bobsleds in a different car since there was so many of us. It wasn't a favorite of Levi's but the rest of us really enjoyed it!

 photo IMG_4627_zps9ef0adbe.jpg

Then we headed to Fantasyland for a few rides.

 photo DSC_0799_zpsad463fa2.jpg

 photo DSC_0810_zpsc0a7c68b.jpg

 photo DSC_0815_zps4f53f31f.jpg

 photo DSC_0831_zps7be3a1a4.jpg

 photo IMG_4634_zpsd3ce7008.jpg

 photo IMG_4635_zpsc73489c6.jpg

 photo IMG_4636_zps159ae7bf.jpg

 photo DSC_0819_zpsa24f297d.jpg

 photo 52622410022_zps94b111af.jpg

 photo DSC_0837_zpsf9650e04.jpg

 photo DSC_0842_zps2c27a381.jpg

Andrew got a picture with Captain Hook.

 photo DSC_0834_zps1671023e.jpg

It was closed earlier so we headed back over to Tomorrowland for a ride on Buzz Lightyear ride.

 photo DSC_0885_zps70272f98.jpg

 photo DSC_0890_zps804c2bfa.jpg

 photo DSC_0891_zpsbb60c900.jpg

We headed over to Adventureland and went on the Jungle Cruise.

 photo DSC_0918_zps95633820.jpg

 photo DSC_0925_zpsc3f77fed.jpg

 photo DSC_0927_zpsf326295d.jpg

 photo DSC_0929_zpsbe0309bb.jpg

Then we divided up so the bigger kids and I could go on Indiana Jones and the Haunted Mansion while Nathan and Levi went on the Pooh ride and saw Tigger.

 photo IMG_4646_zps6db638c6.jpg

 photo IMG_4645_zps70aa072c.jpg

 photo IMG_6893_zps36fa5e4f.jpg

 photo DSC_0944_zpsc0c34ab6.jpg

When we met up it was perfect timing to get a picture with Pooh.

 photo 52622410024_zpsd50dd966.jpg

We were getting a little tired so we decided to get on the Disneyland Railroad and head over to Fantasyland Theatre to watch Mickey's Magical Map. We all really enjoyed this show. We enjoyed cotton candy and popcorn as we watched the show.

 photo DSC_0938_zpsda9fa4ae.jpg

We watched the night parade and LOVED it!!

 photo DSC_0950_zps8afcdd7e.jpg

(These pictures were actually taken on Friday when the parade was earlier in the day. We watched this same parade four times. Just can't get enough of all the characters!)

 photo DSC_0114_zps11918786.jpg

 photo DSC_0119_zps08bec068.jpg

 photo DSC_0128_zps3c29b413.jpg

 photo DSC_0142_zps01b92cd6.jpg

 photo DSC_0166_zpsad62dc16.jpg

 photo DSC_0196_zps1e4aac48.jpg

After the parade we went on Astro Orbitor, Captain EO and other rides that we had already been on earlier.

 photo IMG_4652_zps16216bee.jpg

 photo IMG_4653_zps7d3b416f.jpg

We closed the park with smiles on our faces and happy memories of our first day in Disneyland!

 photo 52622410044_zps3011948f.jpg

 photo 52622410026_zps5049bcae.jpg

Oh ya!!

 photo 52622410039_zps01c877fb.jpg

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nonnie1209 said...

It takes you a while to post the pictures because you are reliving all the fun everyone had!

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