Five Cute Kids

Five Cute Kids

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Disney California (Day 2)

We spent our second day in Disney California.

While Nathan was standing in the Radiator Springs Racers Fastpass line, the rest of us went on the Monsters Inc ride.

 photo IMG_4654_zps3aee83d4.jpg

 photo IMG_4656_zps0ca35292.jpg

Then, we headed to Cars Land and boy were we impressed!!

 photo 52622410062_zpsc2aaf479.jpg

 photo IMG_4657_zpsff4d10af.jpg

 photo IMG_4658_zps2e9ef64e.jpg

Saw Lighting McQueen and Mater and had an ice cream treat at the Cozy Cone.

 photo 52622410059_zpsa2556664.jpg

 photo 52622410050_zps9ce9ca80.jpg

 photo DSC_0775_zps022c17c7.jpg

 photo DSC_0752_zps8af11d67.jpg

We rode Luigi's Flying Tires and Mater's Junkyard Jamboree.

 photo DSC_0755_zpse8be1805.jpg

 photo DSC_0765_zps1812860e.jpg

 photo DSC_0767_zpscccb5860.jpg

 photo IMG_4664_zps764ec79b.jpg

 photo DSC_0745_zps1f568bbd.jpg

 photo DSC_0746_zps37d6be1a.jpg

Radiator Springs Racers was definitely one of our families favorite rides in the park! We only got this one picture of the family on the ride and you can't really see Levi (he's driving) but he really didn't like it. It was TOO fast he said. The rest of us wish we could have gone on it over and over!

 photo IMG_6905_zps97dc1902.jpg
We started getting hungry so we headed to Taste Pilots' Grill for lunch and on our way was excited to get to see Mickey and Pluto!

 photo 52622410073_zps53a6d502.jpg

 photo 52622410080_zps21c095d3.jpg
Pretty cute!!

 photo 52622410075_zps6498ad16.jpg

 photo 52622410076_zps66edc829.jpg

We spent some time in "a bug's land".

 photo 52622410069_zps29815c96.jpg

 photo IMG_4668_zps70db1055.jpg

 photo DSC_0789_zpsaf30d208.jpg

 photo DSC_0793_zps1d4287b9.jpg

Sarah, Andrew and Nathan went on Tower of Terror.

 photo IMG_6903_zps93245d09.jpg

The big kids really got into trading Vinylmations and only one store in Disney California traded them. We made a stop in the store and we were all pretty engrossed in trying to choose the best one when I noticed that Levi wasn't by us. I got a little panicky and started looking for him. I found him on the other side of a bookcase not far away, very content sitting on the floor reading Frozen. Yes, we bought him the book.

 photo IMG_4680_zps77bd94ec.jpg

 photo DSC_0835_zpsb8e03a2b.jpg

We watched the Disney/Pixar parade and ate more cotton candy.

 photo IMG_4683_zps532f5dea.jpg

We went on tons of more rides but we only have this picture. Some of our favorites were Soarin' Over California, Golden Zephyr, Goofy's Sky School, Micky's Fun Wheel (not the swinging one) and Toy Story Midway Mania!

 photo DSC_0858_zpsdff9b0ab.jpg

We closed the park by watching World of Color. This is how Levi left the park EVERY night.

 photo IMG_4684_zpsd2476b32.jpg

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