Five Cute Kids

Five Cute Kids

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

December Festivites

We began our festivities for the month by decorating our home. (And when I say "we", I mean Nathan.)

 photo IMG_6421_zps41ab6e5b.jpg

 photo IMG_6417_zps955662ef.jpg

 photo IMG_6681_zpsa78f7730.jpg

 photo IMG_6414_zps85457f89.jpg

 photo IMG_6403_zpse6a6ae2e.jpg

This is where we could find Jessie for most of the month. She loved the new furry tree skirt.

 photo IMG_4125_zps73a665bd.jpg

We drove to Wendell on the first Saturday of the month to celebrate Great-Grandma Smith's 93rd birthday. It is always wonderful to see Grandma, her home at Christmas and we are always happy to see all of the other family who comes.

 photo IMG_6446_zpsf9b24070.jpg

We picked out a fresh tree to put in the family room. We got the one directly behind those five cute kids!

 photo IMG_4104_zps1cb59dc1.jpg

 photo IMG_4107_zps489f0717.jpg

We went on a train ride to see Santa's village with our Grandpa, Uncle Karl, Aunt Aimee and cousins. Just in case you are wondering about Nathan's reindeer hat, he got it from a lady that he used to work with at Idaho Elks ten years ago. Every year he gets it out of it's box and proudly wears it to EVERY function that we attend during the month of December. He loves it. We endure the stares.

 photo DSC_0771_zps5379f657.jpg

 photo DSC_0767_zps2bf3b5ac.jpg

The train ride was absolutely dreamy. I loved that the cousins were able to sit by each other and visit. They sipped hot cocoa and ate cookies. Santa also sat with the kids and asked them what they were hoping to get for Christmas.

 photo DSC_0733_zps9b9466ec.jpg

When Santa sat next to Levi I could see wonder and amazement in Levi's eyes. He couldn't believe that he was sitting next to Santa. He told Santa he was hoping to get Skylander Swap-Force guys for Christmas and that he has been a very good boy this year.

 photo DSC_0728_zps18e89a92.jpg

Andrew told Santa that he was hoping to get camping equipment and a bow and arrow.

 photo DSC_0727_zps36eb265b.jpg

Benjamin also said that he was hoping for a bow and arrow.

 photo DSC_0724_zps84a94607.jpg
Once we got to Santa's village, the kids were asked to hang carrots on trees for Santa's reindeer.

 photo DSC_0755_zps32079a92.jpg

 photo DSC_0752_zps742a0230.jpg

Levi wouldn't share his carrot with the reindeer. He ate the whole thing while we waited to see Santa.

 photo DSC_0742_zps7caaefcc.jpg

Nathan has a thing with pinecones. When we go on walks we have to pick up every good pinecone we can find and then he decorates with them. He took several pictures of pinecones while he waited in line to see Santa.

 photo DSC_0739_zps82572a87.jpg

The kids got to sit on Santa's lap and tell him what they hoped to get for Christmas.

 photo DSC_0744_zps41840e71.jpg

 photo DSC_0748_zpsb52f7cd7.jpg

It was a bit chilly so we tried to stay warm by the fires.

 photo DSC_0751_zpse0f83d37.jpg

Thank you so much Grandma and Grandpa for an absolutely wonderful time!

We had several music concerts to attend. Spencer had a choir concert at the school and at the Capitol.

 photo DSC_0713_zpsf4ad4f50.jpg

 photo DSC_0711_zps2aeb3355.jpg

 photo IMG_6439_zps96640512.jpg

Andrew had a band concert. He is pretty proud of himself as he is sitting in the first chair clarinet spot. Way to go Andrew!

 photo IMG_4115_zpsd6cf924f.jpg

 photo IMG_4118_zps5502db3e.jpg

Levi had a music program at the Clubhouse with his preschool friends.

 photo IMG_4140_zps9a42bcbf.jpg

Benjamin had a music program at school. My favorite song that he sang was I want to be an elf. So, so cute!!

 photo IMG_6572_zpscd012b40.jpg

We got our Christmas cards sent out. This is the front…

 photo FrontChristmasCard2013withbluebanner_zps66c88022.png

and this was the back.

 photo ChristmasCard2013withbluebanner_zps0270b18b.png

We got quite a bit of snow (for us, that is) right before Christmas

 photo IMG_6441_zps045e4dff.jpg

 photo IMG_6443_zpseaf5eb6e.jpg

Sarah and her friends had an "Ugly Sweater" party.

 photo IMG_5769_zpsea2e4301.jpg

Andrew got the Patience award at school. He is a pretty patient guy!

 photo IMG_4154_zps2b0b037f.jpg

Nathan did a beautiful job decorating the Barn. He had a work party during the day and then we had our ward party in the evening. As a ward, we went caroling and then had hot cocoa and treats.

 photo IMG_6473_zps019b5f84.jpg

Nathan and Benjamin went to the Piano Guys Concert at the Taco Bell Arena. Benjamin has a definite passion for the Piano Guys. He listens to them ALL the time. It was such a fun surprise and evening out for these boys.

 photo IMG_6553_zps55bb1984.jpg

 photo IMG_6514_zps7f7ac88e.jpg

 photo IMG_6522_zpsa256a141.jpg

We went to the Botanical Gardens for the Winter Garden aGlow with our neighbors, Mark and Sharon. I'm so sad we didn't get a picture with them. We all had such a fun time looking at all the beautiful lights, visiting with Santa, eating Kettle Korn (thank you, Sharon), watching the mechanical train and petting the reindeer.

 photo IMG_6598_zps4817e548.jpg

It was another wonderful, memorable month!

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