Five Cute Kids

Five Cute Kids

Monday, November 4, 2013


We had a fantastical October!!

We took the kids to the Idaho Penitentiary.
It's a pretty amazing place. The kids kept on saying that they NEVER wanted to do anything that would make them go to jail. That's not the reason why we took them there, but it was a great way to teach them about making good choices.

 photo IMG_6019_zpsc68e10ec.jpg
 photo IMG_6007_zps3826a02c.jpg
 photo IMG_5993_zps2db5b3c9.jpg
 photo IMG_5989_zps884c22fc.jpg
 photo IMG_5981_zpsbcc9438e.jpg
 photo IMG_5978_zpse0b7b964.jpg
 photo IMG_5970_zpsb71a6510.jpg
 photo IMG_5976_zps31b6a0e9.jpg

We went to a fun movie night at the Barn in the neighborhood. They filled up a bathtub with candy and we watched The Black Cauldron and the big kids watched Monster House.
 photo IMG_3798_zps10cffec5.jpg
 photo IMG_3800_zpse294f0b0.jpg

Andrew spent a week at MOSS with his classmates. He had an awesome time.
 photo IMG_3804_zpse6973688.jpg
 photo IMG_3812_zps9a7856b1.jpg
 photo IMG_3805_zps950ea2fc.jpg

Levi and his friend, Brig and I went to the Aquarium. We fed the tropical fish, sharks and sting rays.
 photo IMG_3813_zpsbc37d9cc.jpg
 photo IMG_3829_zps65de4f92.jpg
 photo IMG_3837_zps54fbc5ee.jpg
 photo IMG_3840_zps57703a45.jpg
 photo IMG_3852_zps1fd675a0.jpg

We went to a Harvest festival at Farr West and painted pumpkins.
 photo IMG_6096_zps973f8175.jpg
 photo IMG_6117_zpsb61ca465.jpg

Levi had a sick day. Poor boy!
 photo IMG_3874_zpsa5ca8975.jpg

Nathan got into watching Cake Boss on Netflix so he decided that he would make his own birthday cake. It was amazing!!
 photo IMG_6126_zps6d8c38fa.jpg

At the very last minute, a friend offered us tickets to Disney On Ice. It was amazing!!!
 photo IMG_3880_zps59f7a35b.jpg
 photo IMG_3887_zps36a2256a.jpg
 photo IMG_3894_zps1b67967c.jpg

Nathan and Levi went shopping for Halloween costumes.
 photo IMG_6159_zpsadeda83d.jpg

We went to the Hidden Springs Halloween party and had a blast!
 photo IMG_3896_zps7615b02c.jpg
 photo IMG_3898_zpsae0c7126.jpg
 photo IMG_3901_zps338c7d27.jpg
 photo IMG_3902_zpsd68904ae.jpg
 photo IMG_3906_zps35d88af5.jpg

We had the most beautiful Fall and I loved all the colors.
 photo IMG_3920_zps1dc74c7b.jpg

Benjamin had his end-of-season soccer party.
 photo IMG_3923_zps9aed10d8.jpg
 photo IMG_3925_zpsa6bf2a8e.jpg

At times our month was just exhausting!
 photo IMG_6179_zps5ee6bc2d.jpg

We had a fun evening eating soup, carving pumpkins, frosting cookies with the Ramey's.
 photo IMG_3926_zpsc8c2f686.jpg
 photo IMG_3927_zps3aa64773.jpg
 photo IMG_3928_zps1cda9ad1.jpg
 photo IMG_3930_zps50801a12.jpg
 photo IMG_3935_zps58847b77.jpg
 photo IMG_3936_zps7087fc3e.jpg
 photo IMG_3937_zpsb70a6ee4.jpg
 photo IMG_3944_zps5cfe00cd.jpg
 photo IMG_3947_zpsaa39dbe2.jpg

Levi had a fun preschool Halloween party.
 photo IMG_3952_zps4686d36b.jpg
 photo IMG_3954_zps4e1f34a1.jpg
 photo IMG_3959_zpsf9bbb183.jpg
 photo IMG_3966_zps24fdd411.jpg

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