Five Cute Kids

Five Cute Kids

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Weekend with the Family

My entire family came for a long weekend. My mom came the day before Halloween to help me get ready. Jayna, Ryan, Jon, Heidi and their families came on Halloween and Angie, Mark and their family came the day after.

We trick-or-treated with the cousins.

 photo 20131031_173505_zpsa5d18d08.jpg

 photo DSC_0566_zpsde4ba356.jpg

 photo DSC_0569_zps5c3e1f84.jpg

 photo DSC_0570_zpsa3260505.jpg

We had a great day together at the Zoo and had a picnic, too.  The weather was absolutely beautiful!

 photo IMG_6196_zps66e7e6ad.jpg

 photo 20131101_125601_zps9afbae54.jpg

 photo 20131101_141201_zps3cd30967.jpg

 photo IMG_0484_zps63dd7955.jpg

 photo DSC_0584_zpse7e22316.jpg

 photo DSC_0580_zpsdd6dcbf5.jpg

 photo IMG_3987_zpsfbcc7a2b.jpg

 photo IMG_0463_zps22feb48d.jpg

 photo DSC_0593_zps859e7e13.jpg

I love this picture of Caleb holding his new cousin, Will. Aren't they both sooooooooo cute!!!

 photo 20131101_154733_zpsd9f49f9f.jpg

On Saturday, we hosted an early Thanksgiving meal and were fortunate to have all of our in-laws join us as well (except Angie's in laws as they are serving a mission in the Palmyra temple).  We had a total of 27 for lunch.
 photo 20131102_131727_zpsaee0b54a.jpg

After the dinner, Jayna and Ryan were able to bless Will. It was a wonderful blessing!

 photo IMG_0500_zps2976b529.jpg

 photo DSC_1637-1_zps01cad968.jpg

 photo 20131102_124808_zps22dc0e2a.jpg

 photo DSC_1669_zps8aa1394f.jpg

Someone was always holding Will. He is such a sweet and mellow baby!

 photo DSC_1666_zps580d6fec.jpg

We had a family picture taken. Thank you, Dawna!
 photo DSC_0025_zpseaf3eacf.jpg

I love this picture of our beautiful mom!

 photo DSC_1738_zpsebaaf749.jpg
We loved having all of our family come visit. There is something so wonderful about being surrounded by family!

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