Five Cute Kids

Five Cute Kids

Friday, October 4, 2013


September was a month of getting used to new schedules.

We scheduled piano lessons for the three oldest kids on Tuesday since we didn't have anything that day but then Spencer's scouts needed to be changed and so it is now on Tuesdays. Next, Andrew's soccer practices were changed from Monday and Thursday to Tuesday and Thursday. Shortly after that change he got a new coach who felt that they needed more practices so they practice Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Then, Sarah decided that she wanted to join a swim team and the nights she can practice are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Benjamin's soccer team only practiced one day a week last season, but are now practicing two nights. You guessed it, one of those nights is Tuesday (the other is Wednesday). So, we started the school year with just three piano lessons on Tuesday and now have SEVEN things to do that evening. Also, in September we had five Open Houses all on different nights. The kids have great teachers and I know it's going to be a great year!
Most Saturdays we had at least two soccer games. Andrew's team struggled a bit with getting a new coach and a lot of new boys added to the team but his heart is still all soccer! Benjamin's team added a goalie this Fall and he had a lot of fun playing that position.
 photo IMG_3708_zps1e57ba45.jpg
 photo IMG_6078_zps2b183113.jpg
 photo IMG_3752_zpsc45b6c8b.jpg

We had a fun visit from Nonnie. While she was here we celebrated her birthday which was on the 13th.
 photo IMG_5873_zpsdb6a9174.jpg

Sarah had a weird skin thing going on on her feet so after trying four different ointments, she had a biopsy done and had to get two stitches. It ended up being a simple allergic reaction to a pair of shoes that quickly got donated.
 photo IMG_3756_zps6efd0819.jpg

Levi had his first dentist appointment and totally ROCKED it!!!
 photo IMG_3764_zps2f7e9336.jpg

One Saturday we went to the National Museum day. I LOVE this day!
 photo IMG_3773_zpsa951b9a8.jpg

 photo IMG_3779_zpsbd3f21b0.jpg
 photo IMG_3780_zpsecd94508.jpg

 photo IMG_3767_zps06f9f1f2.jpg

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