Five Cute Kids

Five Cute Kids

Thursday, August 1, 2013


Right after Sarah's birthday party, we packed up our car and headed south to Provo. We spent almost a week playing with family. Of course, we had to spend another day at the Skating rink since everyone had so much fun the last time.

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We spent a day at Trufalga.
 photo IMG_5383_zps7a6d8b54.jpg
 photo IMG_5384_zps5d0a47c4.jpg
 photo IMG_5385_zpsfccd37c8.jpg
 photo IMG_5387_zps5f127502.jpg
 photo IMG_5389_zpsd8669dca.jpg
Can you tell that this was NOT one of Benjamin's favorite rides?
 photo IMG_3272_zps8084746a.jpg
 photo IMG_3273_zps53ebb3ed.jpg
We also spent a day at Seven Peaks but didn't take any pictures - big bummer! We love going to Seven Peaks, but we have so much fun that we don't remember to take pictures.

On the Fourth of July we woke up early to watch the Provo Parade.
 photo DSC_1577_zpsd70887f9.jpg
 photo IMG_3256_zpsb2549410.jpg
 photo DSC_1593_zps0b97cab0.jpg
We were thrilled that Jon, Heidi, Palmer and Caleb came and spent the day with us. Ryan's whole family came to watch the parade and BBQ.
 photo IMG_3260_zps84c8825a.jpg
Later that night just our family minus Levi went to the BYU Men's soccer game. Andrew bought a BYU soccer ball at the game and afterwards had almost the entire team sign his ball. We had a great time and after the game we stayed and watched the fireworks from the field that we set off in the football stadium.
 photo IMG_3264_zps585e18ef.jpg
 photo IMG_3265_zpsc841b2f4.jpg

On our way home from Provo, we stopped in Salt Lake for lunch. We went on a tour at the Beehive House and then had lunch at The Lion House. Afterwards, we walked through the Joseph Smith Building and had our picture taken in the Family Search Center. This was one of my favorite things we did this summer!
 photo IMG_3274_zpsf09554ad.jpg

Sarah went to Girl's camp for a week and she babysat some more. Andrew worked really long and hard at Ball Manor.

We got TP'd for the first time. It was when Sarah was at Girl's Camp so Andrew was convinced that his friends had done it, but none of them would fess up to it.
 photo IMG_3339_zpsebfe0bb4.jpg

We swam A TON and as you can see, it wore some out!
 photo IMG_5451_zps0ce12615.jpg
One evening Sarah, Levi and I went for a bike ride and we got drenched in a rain storm. Levi did NOT like the experience!
 photo IMG_3303_zpsc4d9a60b.jpg
With all the hard work that Andrew had been doing and all the money he has been making, we decided that he should get a cash card. This is a picture of him getting his card in the mail. He was over-the-top excited!!
 photo IMG_3282_zps389319f2.jpg
We spent an afternoon at the Discovery Center using our passes that we got from our Summer Reading program at the Library.
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 photo IMG_3296_zps37ad5930.jpg
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We had a wonderful month of July!

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