Five Cute Kids

Five Cute Kids

Friday, August 30, 2013


August was definitely the busiest month of our summer! With our trip to Colorado and Oregon we were gone over half of the month. Although, we were gone a lot, we were able to host our annual Hamm/Smith pool party. We spent the afternoon at the pool, played, caught up and enjoyed shave ice together. I'm so grateful for the Hamm family's friendship!
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On our way back from Colorado, we spent a few days with Jayna and her family. Spencer wanted to celebrate his birthday in Provo.
We went to the BYU Dinosaur museum, BYU campus and had Creamery ice cream.
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 photo IMG_3462_zps8a1e492f.jpg
 photo IMG_3460_zpse939191e.jpg photo IMG_3459_zps6d14d864.jpg

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On our last day of summer, we wanted to have one last adventure. We went to the Boise Zoo and saw the display of Dinosaurs throughout the Zoo. The dinosaurs were very life-like as they moved and made sounds. When I took this picture I asked Levi to get a little closer but he told me he couldn't because the dinosaur would eat him.
 photo IMG_3653_zps3b92542d.jpg
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 photo IMG_3649_zps48ceaa9f.jpg
Such cute kids!! I was very sad to think that our wonderful, care-free summer was coming to a close.
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Then we went to get shave ice that also has soft-serve vanilla ice cream. It was SO yummy!!!
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That evening we enjoyed a special Back-to-School dinner. The theme of our dinner was centered around owls and how they are wise. It is our hope that as we embark on this new school year that we will conscientiously make wise choices.
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 photo IMG_3663_zps9fdbef69.jpg
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The first day of school pictures!
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 photo DSC_0469_zps65ccfdb3.jpg
Sarah and Andrew go to school together because Andrew is taking an advanced math class at the Junior High. He goes every morning with Sarah and then I pick him up and take him to his school.

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The second group!
 photo DSC_0473_zps3a4f19f7.jpg
 photo DSC_0470_zpsa88e1032.jpg
A tradition of getting a picture by "the rock".
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Standing in line while the principal welcomes everyone back to school.
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 photo IMG_3676_zps2bc751b6.jpg photo IMG_3678_zpsa256645c.jpg
Then mom and Levi went off to preschool.
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After school we had our traditional-after-school-cookie-chat. I love hearing about their day! Here's to a great school year!!
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