Five Cute Kids

Five Cute Kids

Monday, August 19, 2013

Our Trip to Colorado

Every other summer, Nathan's parents make it possible for all of the family to get together for a family reunion. (This was our reunion two years ago and this was it four years ago.)This was our summer to get together and boy howdy, was it wonderful!! The fun began with driving to Ogden to stay the night with my brother Jon and his family. They are always so wonderful for letting us stay with them! Here is a picture of the boys totally zonked out. Sarah had flown to Denver on Monday so she could spend a few days playing with Madoka (the oldest daughter of Tom, who was Nathan's exchange student when they were younger.) and Katie's family.
 photo IMG_3347_zpsa0d612fb.jpg
We saw a lot of this on our nine hour drive through Wyoming.
 photo IMG_5497_zps2a9d80e7.jpg

It was all worth the long drive to be able to spend a week with all of Nathan's family. On the first full day that we were together, we went to the Rec Center to swim.

 photo DSC01280pcb_zps253633fc.jpg
 photo DSC01284pcb_zps2c69ad85.jpg
 photo DSC01288pcb_zps076a927f.jpg
 photo 27a811ab-9c34-4026-b2ff-8993ccb90256_zpsc007605d.jpg
Later that day, we had a family Renaissance dinner and festivities. This was one of my favorite activities that we did. I think it was because we were all together, we laughed so hard and really enjoyed each other. I think everyone looked amazing!

 photo IMG_0195_zpsa99c688f.jpg
Being silly!
 photo IMG_3492_zps1592401d.jpg

Grandma gave all the girls masks that Heidi (my sister-in-law) had made. (Check out Heidi's etsy store! She's amazing!!)

Grandpa "knighted" all of the boys and gave them swords and shields. All of the boys were excited to receive their sword, but Levi was thrilled!
 photo DSC_0153_zpsd5d34edb.jpg
 photo DSC01388_zps0112a6a1.jpg
 photo IMG_5508_zps28404f16.jpg
 photo DSC_0157_zps0a9513e8.jpg

Our dinner consisted of each family receiving a platter of food to be shared. We could use a knife and our fingers to eat. We ate delicious roasted chickens, small red potatoes, baby carrots, corn and rolls.
 photo DSC_0140_zps5e3df45a.jpg

After dinner, Uncle Guy taught the boys how to sword fight. Our boys took this instruction very seriously. Everyone enjoyed the fighting!
 photo IMG_5528_zps52ec5fa3.jpg
 photo DSC_0181_zps3b865e45.jpg
 photo DSC01390_zpsbb4917ea.jpg
 photo DSC_0174_zps4b5cc741.jpg
 photo DSC_0172_zpsb382b0f0.jpg
 photo IMG_5529_zps9a7975a4.jpg
Nathan and I had been asked to teach everyone a dance from the Renaissance era. We taught two dances and we all had a fun time! (We didn't end up with great pictures of the dancing because everyone was moving so much - bummer!)
 photo DSC01481_zpsd1d32a66.jpg
 photo July2013052_zps8b7346f7.jpg
 photo July2013061_zps5e43695c.jpg

The next day, we drove to Larkspur, CO for The Renaissance Festival.

 photo IMG_5534_zpscc05c2c0.jpg

 photo IMG_5536_zpscb1b02e5.jpg
Here we are walking through the castle gates into the village. We are so excited!
 photo IMG_5539_zpsc2331b70.jpg
Soon after coming into the "village" we met a minotaur.
 photo IMG_5541_zps9b59e5e9.jpg
We went on a few rides. All of the rides are man-powered. They are pretty cool!
 photo IMG_3352_zps62588d4f.jpg
 photo IMG_3353_zpsa4c835f0.jpg

Levi was able to practice his sword fighting skills on a mere merchant.
 photo IMG_5543_zpsf7d9ad3d.jpg

We rode camels, llamas, horses and elephants.
 photo IMG_3359_zps4623b604.jpg
 photo IMG_5551_zpsa50059ce.jpg
 photo IMG_3372_zps2cf4e411.jpg
 photo IMG_3354_zps19258d9f.jpg

Everyone enjoyed the delicious authentic food. Andrew said this of his meal of a dill pickle and steak on a stick, "This is my PERFECT meal!"
 photo IMG_3360_zps08a28ebc.jpg
Somethings were just down right frightening. (They are trying to look scared.)
 photo IMG_3366_zps93a8a822.jpg
We all LOVED our day at the Renaissance Fair!
 photo IMG_3376_zps4bb583c5.jpg

The next day we had a talent show. Sarah and Andrew played the piano. Spencer told jokes. Benjamin danced to "Gold" and Levi danced to "Dynamite". The other cousins showed off their talents as well and it was great for everyone to share and see the talents of others. Our Grandma read the book, The Knight and the Dragon to everyone and then gave each family a copy of the book so that we will remember the fun we had together at the Renaissance Fair.

 photo DSC09869_zps4678241b.jpg

Later that day we went to a Dinosaur Museum.
 photo DSC02072_zps3ba9c771.jpg
 photo IMG_3404_zpsa5edda15.jpg
 photo DSC_0300_zpsa7dee362.jpg

The following day, we spent the whole day at Elitch Gardens in downtown Denver. This experience was definitely a favorite among the kids! There were so many fun rides to ride and the lines were short so we could get off and get right back on most rides. Our bigger kids were super brave and went on the really scary rides with all of their cousins.

 photo IMG_3409_zps60fe425d.jpg
 photo IMG_3425_zpsace9e1c8.jpg
 photo IMG_3430_zpsc73a2a19.jpg
 photo DSC02367_zpsafee46c5.jpg
 photo DSC09877_zpsa91e42f2.jpg
 photo DSC02295_zpsce0c80f6.jpg
 photo DSC02271_zpsa60f26f6.jpg
 photo IMG_3443_zps79189c5e.jpg
 photo DSC02264_zps6e1bc41f.jpg
Benjamin and Grandpa both had their faces painted.
 photo DSC02259_zpsbd9f4439.jpg
Sarah had an artist draw her.
 photo DSC02299_zps55b44627.jpg
Spencer spent the afternoon with his cousin Elizabeth and Aunt Katie at the water park inside Elitch.
 photo DSC09922_zpsd97e0c9b.jpg
We watched a pretty cool motorcycle show.
 photo IMG_5574_zpsae92ab2c.jpg
Right before the park closed a bunch of us went on the water rides and got drenched.
 photo DSC02379_zpsda9e2b31.jpg
 photo DSC02464_zps8c30dae8.jpg

 photo DSC02419_zpse0888771.jpg

We LOVED our day at Elitch Gardens!!!
 photo DSC02470_zps91a53a72.jpg

On our last day of the reunion we went to the Argo Mine in Idaho Springs. I love going places and feeling that I really learned something. That's how we felt when we left Argo Mine. We walked to the end of a mine and saw gold and other minerals.
 photo IMG_3451_zpsc5d57a6c.jpg
 photo IMG_5598_zps697769b4.jpg
This is a great picture of the Mill where gold ore was processed.
 photo IMG_5603_zps90411269.jpg
This is what the inside of the Mill looks like.
 photo IMG_5608_zpsf9bac537.jpg
At the end of the tour we mined for gold.
 photo IMG_5613_zpse55667b4.jpg
Later that same day, the kids stayed at home and had pizza and watched Teen Beach Movie while the adults went to the Heritage Square Music Hall. We had dinner and then watched a play.
 photo HMDSC02589_zpsf2a3bfe4.jpg

As you can see, it was truly an amazing time with family. Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for memories that will last us forever! Also, a HUGE thank you to Rob and Katie for being fabulous hostesses, letting us all crash your house, and for giving Nathan and I the perfect vacation! (All of our kids stayed the night at Katie and Rob's while Nathan and I stayed at a hotel. Yes, it was absolutely dreamy!!)

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Aimee said...

We had so much fun spending time with everyone. What a memorable reunion it was!

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