Five Cute Kids

Five Cute Kids

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Memorable Memorial Weekend in McCall

For several months, I knew that I wanted to go to McCall for Memorial Day weekend. Monday of Memorial Day weekend would be my dad's birthday and I wanted to be somewhere where I could really think about and celebrate him. My dad loved the outdoors and being in nature, so I knew that McCall was where I could feel closest to him. Nathan had called his friend to ask if we could have their cabin for that weekend but it was already going to be used. I just kept hoping that something would change and we would get to go to McCall. Thursday night at 9pm we got a phone call that plans had changed and that if we wanted the cabin, it was ours. At 11 o'clock that same night, we called and invited the Ramey family to go with us.

The big kids decided to try ice skating. They all LOVED it!
 photo IMG_4061_zpsbb601c46.jpg

The kids took a break from skating and had a scrumptious lunch on a boat dock and then headed back in for more skating.
 photo IMG_5224_zps64902b6d.jpg
 photo IMG_4046_zpsc7cbadf0.jpg
 photo IMG_4054_zps09bfabb5.jpg
 photo IMG_4053_zps43b6d539.jpg

The weekend wouldn't be complete without having some tasty treat at Ice Cream Alley.
 photo IMG_5229_zps3b50048f.jpg

The kids spent most of their time near water; whether it was on a boat dock fishing, playing in the sand or throwing rocks into Payette Lake.
Boy howdy did we have us some fun!!
 photo IMG_4079_zpse7b0fa83.jpg
 photo IMG_4081_zpsc0443398.jpg

 photo IMG_3124_zpsa607d958.jpg
 photo IMG_3122_zpsd7e488e4.jpg

 photo IMG_4106_zpsf3c194f2.jpg
 photo IMG_4107_zps25b0ea24.jpg
 photo IMG_3125_zps1e58c2d0.jpg
 photo IMG_5235_zps8241ed74.jpg
We also made yummy s'mores, took a few naps and fed Hot Dog Bob.
 photo IMG_5254_zps2f76407d.jpg
 photo IMG_5251_zpsfda3cfba.jpg
 photo IMG_5255_zpse8c00641.jpg

 photo IMG_3120_zps5f1f0511.jpg
 photo IMG_3121_zpsf2da5ff3.jpg
 photo IMG_5240_zpsb2bdf52d.jpg
 photo IMG_5238_zps0a8f061a.jpg

 photo IMG_5249_zpsbd973efd.jpg
We had so much fun with the Ramey's!!

When we got back to Boise, my mom was at our home so together we sang Happy Birthday to Grandpa, ate German Chocolate cake,(his favorite) and watched a movie that Sarah had made of Grandpa from last summer. It was wonderful to celebrate Dad with my mom and family. Happy Birthday, Dad!!

These are pictures of Andrew and Sarah fishing with my dad in the summer of 2006. I treasure these pictures of my kids doing something with my dad that he loved. He also loved to find arrowheads and on his birthday, Spencer found one in Payette Lake. I felt it was my dad's way of letting us know that he is close and still very much a part of our lives.
 photo DavesScans_0010002_zps4461f3ca.jpg
 photo summer2006005_zps0f6e3fa6.jpg
 photo IMG_3179_zpsef1302cb.jpg
We love and miss you so much, Grandpa!!

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