Five Cute Kids

Five Cute Kids

Monday, May 13, 2013

Neighborhood Visitors

Do you remember the post from here and here and again here?

Well, we have yet again some fun visitors in our neighborhood. We've gone on several walks to go and see them and have driven by many times. We just can't get over how darling they are, especially the babies. I love listening to them call to their mamas. They are in our neighborhood to help with controlling weeds and reducing potential wildfire fuel load in our open spaces. I must add that they are doing a really good job.

 photo IMG_3049_zps2053bbc6.jpg
 photo IMG_3048_zps5a878404.jpg

Some of the colorings on the goats are so intriguing. I think they are so beautiful and unique. They make you think you need one in your own backyard.

 photo IMG_3051_zps5b112a97.jpg

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