Five Cute Kids

Five Cute Kids

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

life lately

Here is what we've been up to lately.

Andrew has gone out for track. He's had three track meets and has done really well in all of them. He's gotten 2nd and 3rd place in the soccer ball throw. 2nd place in the standing long jump. He's done several relay races and gotten 1st and 2nd twice. He's ran the 800m and got 1st and ran the 400m and got 1st and 2nd.
 photo IMG_2896_zpseddbbfbb.jpg
 photo IMG_2894_zps6a0b9a04.jpg
Spencer went on a walking field trip with his class. They had created door hangers for Earth Day and placed them on neighborhood doors.
 photo IMG_2950_zps150e1654.jpg

Benjamin, Levi and I went to a park a couple of weeks ago and then walked down to the river. I love being out in nature with my kids. I love watching them explore, throwing rocks in to water and seeing them choose their favorite stick. It's so good for our souls.
 photo IMG_2884_zps014d656f.jpg
 photo IMG_2878_zps46e2f7fc.jpg
 photo IMG_2879_zpse4be71a7.jpg
 photo IMG_2885_zpse03d6a84.jpg
We also stumbled upon the coolest fort.
 photo IMG_2886_zpsabae0b80.jpg
 photo IMG_2887_zps75af86e3.jpg

Every Spring at our elementary school the 5th graders become a famous person for a "Living Museum". Andrew became Andrew Jackson and did a wonderful job. He had memorized his script perfectly and helped create his props and background. (Nonnie helped him with the props and Grandpa helped him with his costume - thank you!!)
 photo IMG_4994_zps6774a4a0.jpg

We have been freezing but enjoying watching all of the Spring sport events.
 photo IMG_5073_zps8297e188.jpg

Spencer participated in his first Pinewood Derby. He did GREAT!! His car took first place in several races and I loved how he showed complete sportsmanship towards the other boys. Spencer is an amazing example of what a Cub Scout stands for!
 photo IMG_2982_zpsd6b53a6d.jpg
 photo IMG_2980_zps7bcd1fa9.jpg

Benjamin "graduated" from his Speech class. We are SO proud of him and all his hard work.
 photo IMG_3001_zpsc21dc4ad.jpg

Nathan needed to buy a new tie when he had gone to work without one one day and found he had an unexpected meeting that required he wear one. I loved getting this picture in a text from him. Isn't he and the tie so fun?!!
 photo IMG_5190_zps6c614818.jpg

I've been trying to keep up with the busyness of it all and learning new, healthy ways to feed my family. Check out those Alfalfa sprouts (that I grew) on homemade whole wheat bread! Oh yeah!
 photo IMG_2971_zpsc78df872.jpg

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