Five Cute Kids

Five Cute Kids

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Weekend in Utah

We got tickets again for General Conference, so we decided to go down for a long weekend. We took the kids out of school at lunch on Thursday and then went and picked up Nathan from work. We had a good drive down and decided to stop at a store we had heard of, Scheel's. It was definitely more than we expected! A beautiful fish tank at the front of the store. (This was just one part of it.)

 photo IMG_4220_zpse9618b9e.jpg
There was a HUGE Ferris wheel in the middle of the store that only cost $1 a ride. We all rode it. Benjamin was terrified but liked it after riding for awhile. Levi LOVED it the most. He wasn't scared one bit.

 photo IMG_2862_zpsb85c07f2.jpg

 photo IMG_2865_zps9bfc2369.jpg
There were several places for "photo shots". Our kids loved these.

 photo IMG_0310_zpsedb0c372.png
 photo IMG_5043_zps80972732.png
 photo IMG_5042_zps3b3e43dc.jpg
 photo IMG_5036_zpsddf485d0.jpg

We all had so much fun, that we went again the next day with Jayna and her family and met Jon and his family there.
 photo IMG_5031_zpsce991088.jpg
 photo IMG_2864_zps5392c7ef.jpg

 photo IMG_5040_zps3c9a2d02.jpg
We came back to Provo and walked around at BYU. We walked through the Art Museum and found Big Foot.
 photo IMG_2867_zps9f1d35cb.jpg

We also walked to the skate park and played for a long time there. It was so fun for the cousins to play together!
 photo IMG_5046_zps8cc0d3a5.jpg

Then, the real reason we went to Utah - General Conference. We had a wonderful experience! We love going to hear our Prophet and leaders remind us of ways we can become more like our Savior. We sat on the same row as the Marlowe's (our good friends from home). Nathan then stayed for the Priesthood session later that evening. He met Jon and Palmer and then rode the train back to Provo. While Nathan was at the Priesthood session, we had Carol (my first roommate from Ricks) and her sweet family come over. We ate pizza, walked to the park to play and then had Creamery ice cream and cookies. It was so fun to get together again!!
 photo IMG_5051_zpsb4285610.jpg
 photo IMG_2922_zps07f72006.jpg
 photo IMG_7609_zps32db8f17.jpg
 photo IMG_7611_zpsc37cec47.jpg


Steve Finnell said...
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susan said...

I work right by Scheels! Call me next time, I'll come say hi! :)

Aimee said...

Everyone is getting so big! Looks like you are doing such fun stuff!

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