Five Cute Kids

Five Cute Kids

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Spring Soccer

Sarah and Andrew are playing soccer. They are both on league teams but not the same league, so usually dad stays at Andrew's game while mom takes Sarah to her game across town. There will be some Saturdays that we will be able to watch both games - Yeah! They are both doing GREAT!!! We are SO proud of them!

Luckily the field that Andrew usually plays on has a playground for Spencer and Benj to keep them entertained. It also has a great hill to climb and explore.

(Spencer has grapes in his mouth.)

This is the latest thing Levi is up to. Doesn't he look SO grown up?


The Woods in Idaho said...

Andrew is on the same team that Tyler used to be on! Maybe I should get Tyler back into soccer:)

nonnie1209 said...

Thanks for letting us see all the fun things that have been going on at your house.

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