Five Cute Kids

Five Cute Kids

Thursday, April 15, 2010

McCall - Part 2 Skiing

Nathan deserves "Father of the Year" Award after taking ALL four kids skiing at Brundage. (Mom and Levi stayed in the car, taking pictures and staying warm.) Sarah and Andrew had been before (remember this post), but Spencer and Benj had never been. They were all SO excited to get going!

I didn't have the best lens on the camera when I took this picture of Benj. Which is unfortunate as he was the first to be done and I didn't get any other pictures of him. We didn't have warm enough gear for him or I think he would have lasted longer. All weekend he was proud to show off his ski pass to anyone, and when asked about skiing he would say, he loved it and then quickly add that it was scary! He didn't care for the ski lift at all!!

Sarah LOVES to ski! She wishes she could have gone on the harder runs.

Spencer did great for his first time! He got a little cold so he joined mom, Benj and Levi in the car for awhile and then after warming up, was ready to go again! You can tell from this picture that it was REALLY snowing!

Andrew also wishes that he could have gone on harder runs, but he did find a run that had mogels and he really got into jumping!

My favorite picture of our time in McCall.

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