Five Cute Kids

Five Cute Kids

Saturday, April 10, 2010

McCall - Part 3 Things We Did in McCall

We did SO many fun and adventurous things in McCall!
We walked around the town and found some bears.

We found a yummy candy store.

Sarah, Andrew and Dad went Ice Skating. They all agreed that it looks easier than it really is.

The buckets are to help you with your balance. They all said that they didn't help.

The Coulter's had snow shoes at the cabin and it took us no time to get the kids in the shoes and outside to do some exploring. They LOVED it and went three different times.

We did a puzzle. Some were even wearing their pajamas backwards and inside out? Why you ask? Because our dad said it would be more fun that way.

Andrew made us dinner twice!

Benj LOVED it!!

We all read a lot!

During the two sessions of Conference on Saturday, we went to a restaurant called, The Pancake House. It was delicious! The kids got pancakes as big as their plate.

Mom ordered a cinnamon roll as BIG as the plate...but, don't worry, she shared with everyone and took some home to eat for dinner. Yup, she was pretty excited!

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