Five Cute Kids

Five Cute Kids

Thursday, January 1, 2015

December Festivities

We got a live tree and wreath to begin the festivities of the month. I love for the house to smell like pine. It's one of my favorite things about the holidays.

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Our dad decorated our home and as you can see everything looked beautiful!

 photo IMG_0542_zpswbytlf3b.jpg

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One of our advent activities and traditions is the kids getting new ornaments.

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Another one of our advents was to make bird feeders. I think it's important for our kids to think of others at this time of year...even the little birds.

 photo IMG_0045_zpsaceb10fb.jpg

Spencer had a Choir concert at school and another performance at the Capitol. He did a great job!

 photo IMG_0070_zps8a9e1800.jpg

I took Benjamin and Levi to Home Depot for their kids building program. The boys really enjoyed the gluing, hammering and painting.

 photo IMG_6317_zps67748a85.jpg

Another advent was to go to the mall to see Santa and while we were there the three youngest got to go to Build-A-Bear and create a new friend.

 photo IMG_0158_zps7476cd7a.jpg

Benjamin had a Christmas Music program at school. It was darling and he did a great job!

 photo IMG_0413_zps8rybe7nx.jpg

Nathan and I got to go out for dinner for his work party to Berryhill. We'd never been and it was definitely some of the best food we've ever eaten. The whole evening was completely enjoyable.

 photo IMG_0163_zpsfa286ad4.jpg

 photo IMG_0165_zps00f3f285.jpg

Sarah and I went to see the Nutcracker. Her good friend was performing in it and we both absolutely loved it! We hope to go every year!

 photo IMG_6334_zpsf626230c.jpg

 photo IMG_6335_zpsf9b77fcb.jpg

Levi's school had a Christmas music program. He had a staring part as the Farmer and did a fabulous job! He loves Miss Erin!

 photo IMG_0415_zpsa0e44448.jpg

 photo IMG_6377_zps898d07c0.jpg

Nathan decorated the barn for another St. Al's party and did a wonderful job! It was especially nice since we were able to use the barn that evening for our Annual Smith Family party. It was a fun evening full of delicious food, super fun games and wonderful conversation.

 photo IMG_0453_zpsc2b32454.jpg

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Since Aunt Nip was in town for the Smith Christmas party she asked if she could come over and make Brown Cream Candy with us. It's a Smith family tradition that the family has been making for at least five generations. It's tricky to make so it was great that she wanted to teach us how to make it. She also brought a special decoration that was Grandma Smith's that she gave to us. We have loved seeing this Disney bell ringer every time we go see Grandma Smith on her birthday. It was a wonderful visit!

 photo IMG_0476_zps162443cd.jpg

 photo IMG_0484_zps58537d0a.jpg

This was our Christmas card for the year. My niece took this picture on Thanksgiving day and I love how the card turned out that Nathan created.

 photo Untitled44_zpsd08276d5.jpeg

Our Ward decided to do a Live Nativity for our Ward Activity. We had it at the Whiting's farm which really added to it's authenticity. Nathan did the costumes for it and our three oldest kids had parts in the Nativity. Spencer and Andrew were shepards and Sarah was Mary. Everyone did an amazing job and it was a very spiritual evening. We invited the whole neighborhood and we couldn't believe how many people came. We hope to do it again next year as it was so well attended and we received so many compliments.

 photo IMG_0220_zpsb3ff58cd.png

Sister Bennett, one of our sister missionaries sang "O Little Town of Bethlehem" at the first area.

 photo IMG_0167_zps97ee717d.jpg

Our three wise men sang, "We Three Kings".

 photo IMG_0174_zps76167cca.jpg
The shepards spoke and the angels sang, "Joy to the World".

 photo IMG_0176_zpse7f85ead.jpg

In the stable, Lexie Cole played the cello and Lily Archibald played the violin. They played several different Christmas songs.

We used two real babies for baby Jesus that were truly angelic and added such a wonderful spirit to the evening.

 photo IMG_0202_zps7d08a810.jpg

After the kids had a piano recital (which we didn't take one picture-bummer!) one evening, we went and looked at Christmas lights. This is our only picture but it's worth adding - isn't he cute!!

 photo IMG_0529_zps9ac66346.jpg

Some fun things we did after Christmas was to go bowling, we went to see several movies, Planet Kid, the Aquarium, on a long, cold hike and then had hot cocoa to warm up. It was so cold it was the perfect time to try something on we found on Pinterest - frozen, colored water balloons.

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We had a wonderful December full of fun and spiritual activities! I love this time of year!

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