Five Cute Kids

Five Cute Kids

Friday, January 2, 2015

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Our Christmas Eve started with us going to a homeless shelter as we had been asked to bring a Christmas tree for their celebration. We were given a tour of the facility and told how and who they help.

 photo IMG_0562_zpsb8a9a92b.jpg

Then we headed to The Village where we visited the new candy store and then to see the movie, Night at the Museum 3.

 photo IMG_0576_zps3ec7d8f9.jpg

 photo IMG_0574_zpse72d0062.jpg

Later that evening, the kids opened a present of new pajamas and put out cookies for Santa. We read in Luke 2 about the birth of our Savior. The kids were actually really tired, so they all went to sleep early.

 photo IMG_0579_zpsfac340ea.jpg

 photo IMG_0586_zpse069cd4f.jpg

 photo IMG_0590_zps1e58bea9.jpg

This is how our house looked when we woke up EARLY Christmas morning.

 photo IMG_0599_zps79cab543.jpg

 photo IMG_0592_zps97a5a186.jpg

 photo IMG_0593_zps8cf6e0eb.jpg

 photo IMG_0594_zpseaf4c97b.jpg

 photo IMG_0595_zps9403a7d7.jpg

 photo IMG_0596_zps65d4b2b3.jpg

 photo IMG_0597_zps242da993.jpg

 photo IMG_0598_zpsdc1f1da6.jpg

Grandma came over later in the day to see what everyone got and to enjoy dinner with us. (Grandpa was with Aunt Katie and Uncle Rob in Disneyworld.)

 photo IMG_0644_zps4f64e7aa.jpg

It was a wonderful day as we watched several movies, played games, played on the new WiiU and enjoyed time together. We were all completely SPOILED!! Love, love this time of year!!!

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