Five Cute Kids

Five Cute Kids

Monday, January 4, 2016


Andrew had a birthday. It seems like he just had a birthday and stayed up all night watching PG-13 movies. Nathan had to work on his birthday and since Andrew wanted to sleep in, we decided to wait and open presents at dinnertime. He got money from grandparents, lacrosse gloves (that were delayed in the mail due to bad weather) and a hammock from mom and dad, a kendama, itunes gift card, arrow sling shot, Stance socks and a hat from his siblings. Nathan, Sarah and Andrew went to see the new Star Wars movie for his birthday. They all loved it! Then, his sister made him go to the New Years Eve dance (his first Saturday Night Dance) since he turned 14 and can go now. I don't think he loved it.

 photo IMG_5355_zpsk2dlikgs.jpg

 photo IMG_8104_zps9w8evixe.jpg

 photo IMG_8112_zpseh8ssfh1.jpg

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 photo IMG_8107_zpsvxqmpocx.jpg

Yes, he slept outside the night after his birthday and it was 8 degrees but the app said it felt like -1 degrees. It was SUPER cold!!

 photo IMG_5406_zpsqbitr8vm.jpg

Fourteen fabulous things about Andrew...

...he's pretty funny (and he knows it)!

...he spends a lot of time with his friends and we love it when he spends time with his family.

...having a clean room is NOT important to him.

...he's a very talented lacrosse player.

...we're so proud of him for trying a new sport this year - wrestling.

...he loves to camp and fish!

...he still has an obsession with weapons. He added a blow dart gun, sling shots and an arrow sling shot to his collection this year.

...he plays the piano beautifully!

...he's a great student!

...he's always up for adventures!

...he really likes Grey's Anatomy!

...he is a very hard worker!

...he's been serving as the Deacon's Quorum President for the past six months.

...he LOVES to tease!!

Happiest of Birthdays, Andrew! We love you tons!

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