Five Cute Kids

Five Cute Kids

Tuesday, December 8, 2015


The month of November began with the three oldest boys performing in a piano recital.



Andrew (coming soon)

Benjamin had a basketball game every Saturday. He has had a great season of learning and progressing!

 photo IMG_4881_zpsrkeonies.jpg

 photo IMG_4884_zpsvjocbuez.jpg

I can't believe I got this video of Benjamin making a swish!

Andrew had several wrestling matches. Out of the eight matches he had, he pinned seven of them. (The other match, we're not convinced that the boy was actually on JV as he was really good.) Not bad for his first EVER experience in wrestling. I'm sad that I don't have any pictures as I'm either videoing his matches or Facetiming with my mom so she can watch Andrew.

Sarah finished quilting her quilt.

 photo IMG_4814_zpsuqrgjs0c.jpg

A seriously dangerous ninja almost attacked me.

 photo IMG_4823_zps9ugian9x.jpg

The three younger boys and I went to Home Depot and made some pretty cool jets.

 photo IMG_7900_zpswe0wonb7.jpg

 photo IMG_7901_zpsyoqsg8mb.jpg

 photo IMG_7902_zpsusa7mvl5.jpg

Levi had a Thanksgiving Feast in his classroom. They first played some Native America games (he's playing "Spear it" in the picture) and then enjoyed a grand feast.

 photo IMG_7942_zpssn2j9soq.jpg

 photo IMG_7948_zps3eiftwbq.jpg

The three younger boys and I went to the Boise Holiday parade while Andrew and Nathan finished Andrew's quilt.

 photo IMG_7952_zpszqdmvek0.jpg

 photo IMG_7953_zpsrrg1ncry.jpg

Andrew finishing the longarm part of his quilt.

 photo IMG_4876_zpspyrfqlum.jpg

On the Monday of Thanksgiving break, we went to the Discovery Center and had a really great time exploring their new exhibits.

 photo IMG_7956_zpsisgmew36.jpg

 photo IMG_7957_zpsvjeqdasc.jpg

 photo IMG_7960_zps7strl2c7.jpg

 photo IMG_7961_zps8vqgwoti.jpg

 photo IMG_7963_zpswkmcfrx3.jpg

 photo IMG_7964_zpsnf9m4vjn.jpg

 photo IMG_7980_zpsey1zcwlg.jpg

Our plan was to drive to my mom's for Thanksgiving. We watched the weather forecast closely and knew a big storm was expected, so we left early Tuesday morning of Thanksgiving week for Bend. We're so glad we left early as only the last 70 miles of our drive looked like this...

 photo IMG_4911_zps2rgsvt5l.jpg

and after arriving to my mom's safely, the storm continued to dump snow for the rest of the day resulting in 15 inches of snow. The boys LOVED it and went out in it several times just long enough to get really wet and cold.

 photo IMG_4914_zpseopvuojv.jpg

 photo IMG_4915_zpsmgnq8tfk.jpg

This is Levi shoveling my mom's front yard. He cracks me up!!

 photo IMG_7984_zpske8i2i4b.jpg

My mom was taking care of her neighbor's dogs and chickens and with Nathan's, Andrew's and Spencer's help they made sure everyone was safe and warm. There was SO much snow that the chicken's couldn't get out of their coop. It was SO cold I'm not sure they wanted to venture out.

 photo IMG_4922_zpsbyqklooi.jpg

 photo IMG_4923_zpsrh0fdugs.jpg

We loved on Delilah a lot!! Delilah was Jayna's dog and when they moved to Pennsylvania, Delilah was adopted by my mom's neighbors.

 photo IMG_7988_zps6kshkyzb.jpg

We did watch a lot of TV but we did play board games and Life with Sophie.

 photo IMG_7989_zpsj6dacok6.jpg

 photo IMG_7991_zpskjnpl3xu.jpg

It was absolutely beautiful and magical to get that much snow and not to have to go anywhere but stay snug inside watching Nonnie's cable!!

 photo IMG_4919_zpsqm5eyrjc.jpg

We had a fabulous Thanksgiving with my mom. She had invited the sister missionaries over and Mark and Sophie were there, of course! (Angie was sick - big bummer!) We forgot to take a picture of the amazing spread we enjoyed. We had turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, veggies, rolls, sweet potato crunch and olives. Afterwards, we enjoyed pumpkin, pecan, marionberry, apple and chocolate Snicker's pies. Everything was so delicious and we had leftovers for several days afterwards - my favorite part of Thanksgiving!

 photo IMG_7992_zpsw6lcasbv.jpg

The day after Thanksgiving, we went down to the Mill District to walk around and we watched The Peanuts Movie.

 photo IMG_7996_zpsyyca80gx.jpg

Also, while we were in Bend, we went and made a fun Christmas toy at Home Depot.

 photo IMG_7997_zpsbzqazgbf.jpg

We were feeling brave and drove to Sisters for the Holiday Parade. It was 18 degrees at 2 o'clock in the afternoon. Good thing we brought our quilts and that it only lasted about 30 minutes.

 photo IMG_4966_zpsiyyktepr.jpg

 photo IMG_4968_zpsxt5lpsnf.jpg

 photo IMG_4969_zpsyvginawj.jpg

 photo IMG_4971_zps2njk5gp3.jpg

These dogs were the highlight of the parade!

We had all loved seeing the huge icicles around town. Andrew found the KING of icicles after church on Sunday.

 photo IMG_4986_zpsrurgjk5q.jpg

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and had the best time with Nonnie! November was a blessed month!!

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