Five Cute Kids

Five Cute Kids

Thursday, December 31, 2015

December Festivites

Our December was full of fun times and wonderful memories!

Nathan decorated...

 photo IMG_5345_zpsj9obfha3.jpg

 photo IMG_5348_zpsit6uqkfr.jpg

 photo IMG_5349_zpsv8ixfwk8.jpg

The three younger boys and I drove to Nampa to go on a hike with the cubscouts at the Deer Flat Refugee.

 photo IMG_8012_zps5efimfrt.jpg

We spent one evening at The Discovery Center exploring the exhibits and we also got to visit with Santa.

 photo IMG_8018 1_zpsvbfqffho.jpg

At first Levi wasn't sure about Santa but with a little bit of time and visiting they ended up being good friends.

 photo IMG_8019 1_zpslizttt4u.jpg

We made a gingerbread village one evening for our Advent.

 photo IMG_5069_zpsop4rsre9.jpg

 photo IMG_5071_zpsyqrxmud7.jpg

 photo IMG_5074_zpslzoopuxh.jpg

Andrew finished up his wrestling season. He did great! In the regular season out of the 12 matches he only lost 3. At District he won his first match but then lost the last two. He's glad that he tried it, but I think it will be the one and only time he does wrestling.

 photo IMG_8047 1_zpsqob2vbsi.jpg

The youngest three boys and I went to the neighborhood Christmas party.

 photo IMG_8056_zpshsgqxyw0.jpg

 photo IMG_8055_zpslqrphwhk.jpg

One of the responsibilities of Nathan's new calling as a High Counselor is that he's in charge of the dessert after the adult session of Stake Conference. Here's a picture of the tasty treat he served.

 photo IMG_5082_zpsayfjtxwf.jpg

For the second year, our ward presented a live nativity for our community. Sarah was Mary, again and the three oldest boys were all shepards. It was raining for most of the evening until the end when it snowed. It was a very cold but beautiful evening.

 photo IMG_5089_zpshjqavyq8.jpg

 photo IMG_5147_zpswnkg1uxo.jpg

We got lots of snow which made for shoveling, sledding and playing in it.

 photo IMG_8061 1_zpsus6fpvyc.jpg

 photo IMG_8076_zpswy3bb09d.jpg

 photo IMG_8077_zpstwmfmlhj.jpg

 photo IMG_8079_zps4yvdsruc.jpg

 photo IMG_8080 1_zpswdob2x9e.jpg

 photo IMG_8081 1_zpsfopeidyz.jpg

Sarah, Nathan and I went to their work Christmas party. They had delicious food and a casino set up for the evening. We learned how to play Craps and then gave all our chips to someone else.

 photo IMG_5179_zpsxbvzgoke.jpg

Benjamin and Levi performed in the school's Christmas music program.

 photo IMG_5184_zpsyeggbcte.jpg

 photo IMG_5190_zpssks66wa1.jpg

Levi's class had a pajama Christmas party and he loved it!

 photo IMG_5202_zpshpdonstc.jpg

 photo IMG_5207_zps7uwqa1x8.jpg

 photo IMG_5208_zpsnuhll8pb.jpg

We went to Build-A-Bear and came home with some fun, fuzzy new friends.

 photo IMG_5223_zpsewup8atu.jpg

 photo IMG_5225_zpsdvhgktou.jpg

 photo IMG_8069 1_zps8p2wrfnp.jpg

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