Five Cute Kids

Five Cute Kids

Saturday, May 2, 2015


We began our month of April celebrating the season of Easter. We had our family Easter Egg hunt on Saturday and also went to our neighborhood hunt. We also enjoyed watching General Conference over the Easter weekend. LOVE, LOVE General Conference!!

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Nathan was asked to organize an Art Exhibit on the evening of Easter for our ward and neighborhood. He used the community barn and collected many pieces of different types of art and had Lexi Cole play her cello and Lily Archibald play her violin. It was an evening of great reflection through music and art and everything looked and felt heavenly. I'm so grateful for the resurrection of our Savior and a time when we can think about him and the blessing we receive from his great sacrifice.

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Nonnie came to visit us the next weekend to watch Andrew play lacrosse, Spencer and Benjamin play flag football, Levi play soccer and Sarah earn her Young Women recognition. It was the perfect weekend for her to come and we were super happy she came!!

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Sophie sent clothes that she's outgrown with Nonnie for our kiddos. Everyone got something of Sophie's except for Levi. This is what Sarah got from Sophie. She absolutely LOVES her goat shirt!!

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Nathan and I drove to Twin Falls to be there for the sealing of Karl and Aimee's family. It was an absolutely wonderful evening and we are so very happy for them!!

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There was a lot of bike riding done!

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Nathan went to Southern California. I can't say much about it right now, but I will soon!!

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We bought a foosball table from some neighbors. It is now a permanent piece of furniture in our familyroom. Not sure how I feel about that!! I do love that all of the kids will play it together.

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Nathan and Andrew helped create a new trail in the hills around our neighborhood.

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Spencer and Benjamin had their Pinewood Derby at cubscouts. They both won several races and enjoyed showing off their good looking cars!

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There was a whole lot of silliness going on!!

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