Five Cute Kids

Five Cute Kids

Friday, March 22, 2013

little things

Benjamin, Levi and Mom spent an afternoon at the Zoo when there was still snow on the ground. I think the only other kid we saw had a complete snow suit on - it was cold that day, but it was still nice to get outside.
 photo IMG_2488_zpsc50c0ac0.jpg
 photo IMG_2483_zps68bd7ef9.jpg
And then because it was SO cold we spent a bunch of time inside dressing up and playing in a tree.
 photo IMG_2490_zps3bf1bc0b.jpg
 photo IMG_2492_zps1d36da8e.jpg
Yeah, it's really blurry - sorry!
 photo IMG_2493_zps8f61d647.jpg
We had a wonderful Valentine's day! We gave each other Valentine's and went to Fuddrucker's for dinner. We don't eat out a lot so the soda fountain was SUPER cool to us and I had to take a picture!!
 photo IMG_2560_zps056d1081.jpg
 photo IMG_2561_zps0b63396f.jpg
 photo IMG_2565_zps275bbeff.jpg
 photo IMG_2566_zps1c93101b.jpg
Here's the ONE picture I got of Andrew playing futsal this Winter. He did great!!
 photo IMG_2571_zps34720c38.jpg
Spencer, Benjamin and Mom went to The Birds of Prey center one Saturday. Spencer was able to complete some achievements for Scouts and we got to go on a great hike!
 photo IMG_2580_zpsb9af1cf7.jpg
Andrew played in the BSU 7X7 tournament. He got attacked by someone's cleats. OUCH!!
 photo IMG_2604_zps0f3aab06.jpg
 photo IMG_2606_zps7f8112d9.jpg
Sarah and Andrew participated in Festival and a recital with our new piano teacher. They really have improved and sound amazing!
 photo IMG_4848_zpsc33fa590.jpg
Benjamin had some pretty funny things going on with his front teeth. He lost three within a week or so and we thought he looked a little like "Nannie McFee".
 photo IMG_2722_zpsc8d3659d.jpg
And then they were all gone.
 photo IMG_2731_zpscf7504b0.jpg
Andrew and Spencer both got the Responsibility Award at school. They really are very responsible boys and we are proud of them!!!

 photo IMG_2752_zps63c9d8d6.jpgANd

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